Böhmerland Motorcycles

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Böhmerland Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Czechoslovakia from 1925 to 1939

Sold in some markets as the Cechie

Albin Liebisch designed these very unconventional machines, most of which all shared the same 598cc ohv Liebisch engine - the exception being a lone two-stroke built in 1938 just before production ceased following the onset of war. With such unusual features as interchangeable cast alloy wheels, leading link forks and, on some models, three seats and two fuel tanks, the marque features strongly in the history of motorcycling.

Many, perhaps most, of the machines produced were built to order, and the 3-seater model had the longest wheelbase of any motorcycle produced - at least until the American chopper craze of the late 1960s.

Cechie Sidecars are discussed at Sidecar Club Praha

1. The German word Bohmerland translates as ‘Land of Bohemia’

2. There was an association between Bugatti and Liebisch at some stage.

3. David Mališka writes (on Motorcycles 1867-1930): 'These motorcycles were manufactured in the former Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) under the Czech name "Cechie" for Czech customers and under the German name "Böhmerland" for German customers. The meaning of both names is "the Czech country"... The founder Albin Hugo Liebisch was born on our territory at a time when our country was still part of Austria – Hungary monarchy in an area with a predominantly German population and he himself was of German nationality. He produced his motorcycles during a bright period of our history at the time of the so-called First Republic, when our country became independent again after several centuries. At the same time, by giving his motorcycles such a name, I think he showed a cordial relationship with the Czech country. He might as well have chosen another German name or his own name. Probably he himself would have hated such a discussion, because he was supposedly a very apolitical person.'

Bohmerland c.1927

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