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Bohmerland 21

Manufactured by Peter Knobloch.

Two versions have been built, one electric and the other powered by a conventional four-stroke engine.

The first is powered by Kuberg motor which delivers around 32 kW, has a range in the vicinity of 150 kilometers, and can achieve 0-60 km/h in 2 seconds.

The petrol-driven machine has a 600cc OHV engine (with the valves exposed on a pre-production example) and a Roots supercharger which develops 60 h.p. and although giving the appearance of being air-cooled is in fact water-cooled. It has a 5-speed gearbox and chain drive to the rear wheel.

The custom styling and colour combination are strongly reminiscent of the original Bohmerland of the 1920s and 30s. The wheels are 21" with round holes quite similar to the original, and the frame too looks somewhat like that of its predecessor but is made from thin-walled alloy tube using a 3D printing tecnique - as are other components.

Production was to be limited to 10 units, and pricing was not for the faint-hearted.

Source: motorkari.cz

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