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Kali Sidecars

A Brief History of the Marque

Kalinowski GmbH built sidecars and trailers in Frankfurt between the years 1922 and 1939. In 1935 they relocated to the small town of Oberursel in the Taunus Mountains, moving into the premises of the existing sidecar manufacturer Ero, which they had purchased. The name and address was then KALI-Beiwagen- und Anhängerbau KG, Zimmersmühlenweg 21.

In the 1920s the company marketed their product under the brand name Kali. Kalinowski had designed a new torsion bar suspension system which required no lubrication, and for which they obtained an international patent.

They built their side cars in such a manner that the passenger sat at the same height as the rider, and the sidecar wheel was of the same size as that of the motorcycle to which the chair was fitted. (1)

After their relocation to Oberursel they expanded their product line to include car trailers.

1. The caption of an image of such a sidecar fitted to a 1921 Bleriot reads "The height of the Bleriot sidecar appears to be absurd, but French passengers desire to be on a level with their drivers in order to be sociable."

Sources: JF, The Motor Cycle

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I got a Kali Sidecar into my store today and trying o find info on it. Can i send you pictures ?
salt lake city, Utah USA

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