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Scott 1920 Sidecar Chassis

Scott 1920 Sidecar Chassis

Stripped frame and chassis of the 1920 Scott sidecar outfit.

Triangulated Construction.

Straight Tubes and a Complete System of Triangulation used throughout the Frame and Chassis of the Scott Outfit.

AN interesting item in the exhibit of the Scott Motor Cycle Co., Ltd., at the recent Olympia Show was a complete motor cycle frame and sidecar chassis stripped to enable the lines of the general construction to be readily appreciated. It will be noted that the design is such that the motor cycle frame itself, as also the chassis, consists of a series of triangles. Furthermore, the frame and chassis, considered in relation to each other, also form a triangulated system. All the triangles are perfect except those having their apices at the steering head, which truncates the main vertical triangle of the frame. It will be observed that the engine gives rigidity to the central portion of the frame, forming as it does the base of the main members; at the same time it does not form a link between any entirely separate parts of the frame. Another point of interest is the fact that the oil supply is carried in the two large frame tubes.

The sidecar springing is effected by an inverted laminated C spring at the front and a rocking link at the rear controlled by two coil springs in tension. Small shock-absorbing springs in compression support the body on the cross bar.

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