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Scott Sociable 1919

Scott Sociable 1919

The Scott Sociable, produced in 1916. with Mr. Alfred A. Scott, A.M.I.A.E., the designer, at the wheel.


A New Company formed to Market Mr. Alfred Scott's Three-wheeler.

AT the time we introduced the Scott Sociable to the motoring world in 1916, we characterised it as a most praiseworthy attempt to solve the problem of weatherproofing the most economical form of two-seater. Owing to the war, the idea of manufacturing it in quantities had to be postponed. We are now in a position to announce that new and extensive works have been acquired in the Bradford district for the manufacture of the Scott Sociable in big quantities. The Scott Autocar Co.. Ltd. - an entirely new company, under the management of Mr. C. Tunstall. who formerly held a similar position with the Scott Engineering Co. - will market the runabout, which, incidentally, is to retain the original title of Scott Sociable, the designation given it by the Editor of The Motor Cycle.

The specification of the Sociable which we described and illustrated in detail on July 27th, 1916, and January 4th, 1917, is as follows : Vertical two-stroke water-cooled engine, 76.2 x 63.5 mm. bore and stroke = 578 c.c. capacity, clutch situated in flywheel, three-speed gear, shaft drive, triangulated frame sprung fore and aft, detachable and interchangeable disc wheels.

The car literally bristled with ingenious features, as do most Scott productions, and we feel sure that our readers will hail the announcement with joy, since it brings nearer to successful accomplishment the two-seater weatherproof passenger vehicle at a price approaching the £100 mark.

The Motor Cycle, February 13th, 1919.

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