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Scott 1921 Models

Scott 1920

A moderate-powered sidecar outfit is the 3¾ h.p. two-stroke two-speed Scott. 26in x 3 in Palmer light car tyres are fitted all round.

Scott 1920

On the Scott the fork-end lug has incorporated with it a stop for the kickstarter. The underside serves as a rest for the stand.

Olympia Show 1920

Scott. (Stand 148.)

  • 3¾ h.p.; 71x69 mm. (532 c.c.); twin-cylinder two-stroke; automatic lubrication; Amac carburetter; T.B. chain-driven magneto; two-speed expanding clutch gear; chain drive; Palmer 26 x 3 in. tyres.

Scott Motor Cycle Co., Ltd., Saltaire, Yorkshire.

Scotts are becoming quite a cult, and it is very noticeable that Scott riders are generally very exclusively Scott enthusiasts. And each year this circle of admirers so widens that it is extra, ordinary that so many of the Bradford firm's features remain exclusively their own. The water-cooled twin two-stroke undoubtedly is a most fascinating combination to own and to drive; and, although outwardly little change is apparent, each year it takes a step nearer a very advanced ideal of perfection. During the past year, for instance, the kick-starter stop and the release valve lever stop on the handle-bar have been made integral with their respective frame members, thus eliminating two loose lugs. Attention has also been directed to strengthening the frame at various points to make it more fitted for hard sidecar work. Not only on account of it being something different, but because it has more than held its own in open competition with the aristocracy of the industry, the whole design is worthy of careful study. The open frame has been designed on scientific lines; the spring fork is one of the most comfortable in existence, while the footboards, now rubber-padded, and mudguarding are excellent.

In addition to a standard and T.T. machine, a sidecar outfit with the well-known Scott sidecar and Lucas Magdyno lighting is shown, also a sectionised and complete engine, gear box, and various component parts. Although shown, deliveries of the very latest Squirrel model will not commence until May. The Squirrel is a T.T. Scott with shorter and lower frame, footrests, no carrier, and usual racing equipment (such as ultra-narrow mudguards and dropped handle-bars). In this machine, as on all Scotts, the gear box is now lubricated from the drip feed pump.

Olympia Show. The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920. Page 732