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Scott Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

The Scott factory in Shipley, Yorkshire was established by Alfred Angus Scott who left the company in 1915 (or 1919 according to other sources). In 1950 the works were moved to Birmingham where they continued to produce fine two-strokes until 1972. Their most famous model, the Flying Squirrel, became something of a legend.

Alfred Scott left the company he had established in 1919 (?) to concentrate on the development of the Scott Sociable tricar. It is thought that the machine, a cross between a sidecar and a three-wheeler, was developed as a machine-gun platform.

The machines were powered by a 578cc water-ccoled Scott two-stroke twin and were capable of some 80kph. They were not a commercial success and production of the tri-cars ended in 1925.

A report on the 1924 Motor Cycle Show reads, in part:

"The 498 c.c. engined Super Squirrel is the machine which ran second in this year's Senior T.T., while the 596 c.c. model of the same type, put up the record lap in the course of the previous year's sidecar race. Both models have the same general specification, the engines having water cooled heads, straight-through induction pipes, and die-cast aluminium pistons. The smaller machine is recommended for fast solo work : the larger is suitable either for that purpose or for combination work. The other model Scott which will be of interest to our readers is the ordinary Squirrel model, which has an engine of 486 c.c. The prices are : 498 c.c. Super Squirrel, 70 guineas ; 596 c.c. Super Squirrel, 73 guineas, and ordinary Squirrel; 63 guineas.

Borgo Pistons

Alloy Pistons

Aluminium pistons first appeared before the Great War in engines by W.O. Bentley (UK) and Borgo (IT).


The Scott Motor Cycle Co., Ltd., Saltaire, Shipley, Yorks.

Extract from a report on the 1926 Olympia Show:

"True to their recent policy, the Scott Motor-cycle Company are marketing their latest I.O.M. model, embodying the lessons of the 1926 T.T. This very interesting machine has the usual Flying Squirrel type of engine with high compression aluminium pistons and water cooled cylinder heads ; the carburettor, however, is now bolted directly on to the crankcase, as on the T.T. machines. The three-speed gear box is fitted, and the new type forks and duplex triangulated frame with detachable tank and top tube.

The engine is lubricated by a mechanical pump driven from the magneto shaft. The price with the 498 c.c. engine is 89 guineas."

Sources: Motor Sport Magazine

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christyav8r at
1935 Scott Squirrel Aero engine
I recently aquired a Scott Squirrel Aero Engine and I'm looking for a manual and/or tech data on this .
Christy McCormick
Wichita kanKan USA

trecex2000 at
Scott 3S 1939
As far as I know the Squirrel used pistons with deflectors. I would like to know if the 3s engine of the late 30s still used pistons with deflectors because the german DKW car engine used flat pistons and angled admission ports...
Ricardo E. Juarez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thu Dec 12 2013
scott flying squirrel 'flying flea'
flying squirrel squirrel
we have a flying flea aircraft with Scott flying squirrel 2-stroke, 2-cylinder, air cooled engine, inverted. the 2 cylinders are air cooled, the crank shaft workings are oil cooled using small oil cooler behind the engine !! need propeller.. both wings need to be covered at later date.. please visit south Yorkshire aircraft museum, ex.r.a.f. Doncaster, u.k.
doncaster, u.k.

April 2009
subject: Scott 498cc
Email: karlenejones at btinternet dot com
message: Hi there, my partner has just purchased a Scott 498cc which was the bike Larry hagman raced in the Isle of man tt race which I think is 1928 and wondered if you had anything on this please??

Tue Dec 30 2008
kandrhulett at gmail dot com
Lycett Aero Elastic Saddles
Lycett For 1935 FS Scott
I understand from a New Imperial owner in Australia that replacement parts are available for the above. Does anyone know from where ???

More information under Seats

Sun Apr 06 2008
ggarthwait at msn dot com
1948 scott flying squirl
I have located a fully restored 1948 Scott Flying Squirl. Where would I get information on its value?

The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Sat Sep 29 2007
martsnc at
scott super squirrel

my dad have a motorcycle Scott super squirrel 498 CC ( made in  1924 years ) , can you help me for get picture , information ..., we are fixed the motobiker , can you help me about the right color of the motocycler ? we will paint the motorcycle soon, but me must finder the color befor, i will send the picture nex time .
sorry for my bad english ,we are italian .

thank you a lot .

Martinelli Mauro

see you .
bye for now .

Tue Sep 11 2007
rccole at
Where is it now?
Scott 2sp Super Squirrel
My late father had a motorcycle business pre 1939 in 1946 he put together a 1924 engine and a 1930 frame to make the above machine it was registered in 1946 and given the reg No HLR675 it was subject of an article in either the Motor Cycle or Motor Cycling magazine at that time.

I stripped it and had it rechromed and stove enamelled during the 1960's. It was sold by my father just before his death in the late 70's. I would dearly love to see this bike again and possibly buy it. Any information would be gratefully received

19th July 2007
peterbartrop at wrote:
message: I was wondering if you would be interested in the book I have It is The Book Of The Scott Driving Instructions 1940 edition (reprinted 1945)

Fri Jan 27 2006
mike at tbirdmas dot com
1966 Flying Squirrel
Purchased bike at auction and need manual and parts to get running. Is this bike a two stroke? Appears to be
Thanks, Mike

Thu Oct 06 2005
ajazdotca at hotmail dot com
I have a Scott Bike , I dont know the year and model, but its like a bi-cycle with an engine and a brass magnet on the side which supplies current to the plug. If anybody has an original photo, please email me and I need to know what uear is it.

March 30th 2005
Scott Vintage Motorcycle Original 1928 Catalogue on Ebay
Vendor's Description: Nice original fold-out item, in effect 8 pages. Opens out to show the Flying Squirrel in double page feature surrounded by detail pictures. The Squirrel, 2 Speed Super Squirrel, 3 Speed Super Squirrel and Touring Models also shown. Lists of 1927 successes given, one sidecar picture. Nice item - light discolouring, tear at fold. 22.8cm x 14.7cm (Folded size).

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