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Gillet-Herstal Motorcycles 1919-1959

The Belgian motor industry began in the early 20th century and continued into the mid-1960s.

Liège was the centre of the arms industry, and as the same precision skills were required for the production of motorcycles it became home to FN, Saroléa, Gillet-Herstal and a variety of less well-known marques.

In 1919 SA des Ateliers Gillet was formed by Desire Gillet and his son Leon. It is believed that Herstal was added to the brand name to avoid confusion with the French marque of Rene Gillet.

See also Geco-Herstal

Le Salon Belge

Gillet présente une machine populaire, deux temps, bloc-moteur, splendidement dessinée avec cadre plongeant, freins tambours de grand diamétre, réservoir de grande capacité ; la 350 cmc. Tour du Monde D, bénéficiant également de ces heureuses modifications. Débute magistralement dans le quatre temps avec sa sport 500 cmc. bloc-moteur å culbuteurs le plus compact et le mieux réussi jusqu'å présent) et sa super-sport exceptionnellement basse, culasse amovible avec deux échappements, jumelles freinées, frein de direction Gillet ; freinage intégral å compensation procurant aux hautes allures un confort et une sécurité inconnus jusqu'ici.
Gillet presents a popular machine, two-stroke, unit-construction, splendidly designed with plunging frame, large diameter drum brakes, large capacity tank; the 350cc Tour du Monde D, also benefiting of these fortunate modifications. Great debut with his four-stroke sport 500cc. most compact rocker box and most successful so far, and its exceptionally low super-sport, removable cylinder head with dual exhausts, Gillet steering brake; integral braking with compensation providing at high speeds a comfort and safety hitherto unknown.

Le Salon Belge, Moto Revue December 24th 1927

The great French rider Robert Sexe rode a Gillet-Herstal around the world in 1926.
Robert Sexé and Henri Andrieux
How Tintin's dog Milou got his name

Moto Vicentini was an Italian company taken over by Gillet-Herstal

Sources: JLB Creations,

fassaertjoel at
Gillet 150 cc 1952
Geachte , ik zoek achter 2 badges van Gillet herstal. Graag een overzicht van wat u aanbied inclusief prijzen . Mvg joel
(I am looking for 2 Gillet Herstal badges. Please provide an overview of what you offer including prices . Ms. Joel)
Fassaert joel Fassaert
    Sorry, we don't sell anything. This is an information site only.

sjogrenola at
1930? Gillet Herstal
I have an Old Gillet Herstel engine with engine nymber: 32385 Its a OHV. What Year is it from and Whats the size?
A man want to buy it, Whats a fair price?
Ola Sjogren

lindacooreman at
I am offered a Gillet 500 C 1952 with head valves said to be ex Belgian army.
In the documentation i cannot find such model. does there exist such type? i thought all head valves ex army 1952 were 400 CC ?
Linda cooreman
Brussels belgium

Sat, 25 Nov 2017
jounih1958 at
Gillet Not yet known

We have one 500 cc, maybe early -30, as a barn find, quite all parts etc. and whats best its running... I wonder to ask whats best place/contact where I can find manuals, part list or any information of bike. I have ever seen one in Finland, maybe there is some but not many... regards Jouni.
Jouni Halme
Mikkeli Finland

Fri, 01 Dec 2017
Gillet Competition 1931
Motornumber 50472 shows that its Competition 1931 modell? , frame number is still hiding somewhere... Is there any place where can get/buy parts book, manuals or even parts?
Regards Jouni from Finland short youtube movie

Sun Dec 18 2011
gilleszxr<at>hotmail dot com
gillet herstal 98cc

Sat Nov 12 2011
Tachoantrieb fur Gillet Estafette 500
Gillet 500 Estafette
Suche Tachoantrieb fur
Gillet Eatafette 500
Kompett mit beiden Zahnrädern


Tue Oct 11 2011
Gillet Herstal 1930
500cc TV ????
The bike is in concours condition and for sale here in Denmark.

Sun Sep 11 2011
Recherche vilbrequin
GILLET HERSTAL 175cc Année env. 1934
Recherche un vilbrequin pour 175cc de 1934 env.
celui-ci a du coté droit une queue de env.15cm et du coté gauche une petite queue de env.1,5cm BIEN MERCI POUR TOUTES INFOS.

Thu Jul 21 2011
gillet motorcycle
1951 estafette
The motorcycle museum at Oudenburg (near Ostend) has three Gillets
1936 125cc,1947 98cc ladies type,1951 500cc but is also in possesion of a motorcycle riden by Robert Sexé (TINTIN) site of the museum : Oldtimer Museum, Belgium

Fri Apr 01 2011
Robert Sexe
Belgium Gillet
Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Matt Fletcher and I'm a TV producer at the BBC in Britain. I write as I'm trying to get more information about the life and times of Robert Sexe, who I understand rode Belgium Gillet motorcycles in the 1920s. On one adventure he cross Japan with Henri Andrieux.
And ideas of books and resources that could give me more information on Sexe and an idea where his papers and equipment are held would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,

Sat May 08 2010
koutraschris<at>hotmail dot com
old motorcycle
Gillete-Herstal sport 500, 1929 ?
Dear Sir.
Iwould like any information you have about Gillete-Herstal motorcycles. I have one with engine number 31784.
Thank you very much.

Thu May 06 2010<at>
gillet ss500
please visit this website

June 2007
Its about 1 1/2 years I contacted you for the last time, but due to lot's of other work
I had very little time to enjoy my own hobby.

My to girls (daughters) booth bought a older house that needed some fixes, almost at
the same time and were begging for help. So what does someone do, when he loves his daughters. Yes.......! Their houses are almost finish and Daddy can take some breath again..... :-))

Four Belgian young people planned to write " The book" about all Belgian motor & moped brands, a vademecum about all Belgian ever made motorcycles and mopeds, and asked me for help.

So by surfing though the web, I visited your excellent site, looking for stuff about Belgian
motorcycles and saw a lot of questions of owners on your site of Gillet Herstal.

Therfore I will send you the next very complete site about Gillet, with a lot of documentations, plans, manuals, links, frame-numbers, etc.
You really have to take a look. If you need some translations, please send me a a note.

On this site you also can command the best book about Gillet Herstal Motorcycles :

"De Gillet Herstal Motorfietsen, 1919-1959 " of the author "Yves Campion"

Hope to hear from you soon,


Michaël Reyntjens

Wed Jul 04 2007
sircfc at
Gillet-Herstal MC


I was visiting with a friend last night when he brought out a stack of photos of a motorcycle project he has locked away in a shed. He inherited it from his father who purchased it in the 1950's. He was told it is a Gillet-Herstal. It only has one marking - what looks like a G in a circle cast into the motor.

While it is rusty and lacking the exhaust, the rest is pretty much there and in fairly good condition for its age. The headlamp is not a teardrop shape, but more like a hatbox. The handlebar is fairly long and almost straight. It is an interesting bike, indeed.

I have sent your website URL to him and advised him to contact you SOON. His name is Rick Herrera.

I am Charles Childers, Rathdrum, Idaho, USA
Rathdrum, Idaho, USA

Sat May 26 2007
roots2wings2001 at yahoo dot com
Don't know the year
Gillet Herstal 125cc
To whom it might concern; I just came across this vintage motorcycle & I don't know the year it was built.I will send some pictures. Any info would help.Thanks BOB Pa
Penn. USA

My Gillet Confort LIVES again!

Jan 13th 2007
Hello, I send for You new photos of my Gillet Confort 350... Yesterday first once I had turn on it. It was very nice.
Best regards,

Wed Oct 04 2006
duvergera at
j ai une gillet herstal 200 quelle baterie dois je utiliser ? MERCI DE VOTRE AIDE

Translation: do you have a gillet herstal 200 which battery must I use? THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE

Sat Dec 02 2006
sylviane.sauvan at
cote argus gillet herstal
Gillet-Herstal 1932 350cc

Quelqu'un pourrait-il me fournir des informations sur la cote argus actuelle d'une gillet Herstal 1932 ou me donner les coordonnées d'un lieu ou je pourrais me renseigner. cette moto appartient à mon père qui n'est pas collectionneur. Je vous remercie pour votre aide. Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'adresse mail à laquelle vous pourrez me contacter

Translation: Somebody pourrait-il to provide me information on the current dimension argus of a gillet Herstal 1932 or to give the co-ordinates of a place or I to me could inform me. this motor bike belongs to my father who is not collector. I thank you for your assistance. You will find below the address mall to which you will be able to contact meThu Mar 30 2006
sylviane.sauvan at
Gillet Herstal 350 CC - 1932

je souhaiterais connaitre la cote d'une moto Gillet Herstal 350 CC de 1932. merci de me répondre via l'adresse e-mail ci-dessous

Translation: I would wish connaitre quotes it of a bike Gillet Herstal 350 CC of 1932. thank-you to reply me through the address e-mail below


I am looking for some information about the Gillet Herstal Confort 350 (no 66010). I have it.

I will to paint it now and I don't know how make use of colors and design? If you have got anything about it, please contact to me. I enclose pictures after first renovation in 1982 and current status 2005 durig second renovation

I enclose old broshure about Gillet from 1930, but in polish language.
Thank you kindly for your help!
Mariusz P. mpietrukaniec at

Mariusz Pietrukaniec
GG 1753490

Grupa Motocyklowa VBoyen
Warmi?sko-Mazurska Strefa Neutralna
Turystyczna 1, 11-500 Gi?ycko
fax +48-87-4299470
e-mail: MaNIEK-MP at

Wed Sep 28 2005 at
Hallo,heeft nog iemand Gillet 500L onderdelen te koop ???
Laat me iets weten na 1700uur:0497/604276

See: Gillet-Herstal Gallery

March 4, 2003
Bonjour monsieur
Je cherce une reservoir essence d'une Gillet super sport 1930-32 et se poussible un cadre ( suffie la parte centrale ) le model avec les deux tubes dessus, or étre mis dans la condition de faire la recostruction de le dessus de cadre, avec un plan cotè(avec les dimensions) or catalogue des pieces ou est bien visible le cadre. Je serais très hereuse se vous pouvez me trouver ces piéces,an contactand aussi vos amis. Se vous interesse j'ai beaucoup pieces des motos italiennes.
Merçi Beaucoup
Giovanni Banalotti via Orti 7 -- giovanni.banalotti at
25087 SALO' ( BS ) ITALIA
TEL 0039 039 6041113
0039 347 7107422 portable
Dans l'attende d'une repondre Je vous remercie d'avance

Hello Mr Je cherce a tank gasoline of Gillet super sport a 1930-32 and poussible framework (suffie leaves it central) the model with the two tubes above, but to be put under the condition of making the recostruction of the top of framework, with a plan cotè(avec dimensions) gold catalogues parts or is quite visible the framework. I would be very hereuse you can find me these piéces, year contactand also your friends. I am interested you have much parts of the Italian motor bikes. Merçi Beaucoup Giovanni Banalotti via Orti 7 25087 SALO' (BS) ITALIA SUCH 0039 039 6041113 0039 347 7107422 portable In awaits one to answer I thank you in advance

February 17, 2003
Dear Sirs,
I am looking for some information about a Gillet Herstal, engine and frame nr:71027. I would like to know all the information available for a possible ristoration. In case you can help me, please contact by e-mail at: fabregatm at hotmail dot com
Thank you very much and congratulations for your website!
Lluis Fabregat

February 3, 2003
Bonjour à vous tous!
Je vous écris de Savoie en France et vous envoie les photos de ma Gillet herstal dont je ne connait absolument rien car elle n'a pas de carte grise. J'aimerai savoir le modéle, l'année, la cylindrée pour pouvoir changer les éléments qui ne sont pas d'origine comme apparement les freins et le phare et pouvoir faire faire une nouvelle carte grise. Est-ce une tour du monde?entre 1925 et 1935? une 250 ou une 350? Merci à vous d'avance pour votre aide et à bientot j'espere sur la route... -- Xavier Laurent -- hamactouch at

Sheldon's Lame Translation:
Hello to all!
I write to you from Savoy in France and I'm sending some photographs of my Gillet herstal (not sure about this part but think it is:) Which I cannot operate because it is not licensed. I would like to know the model, the year and the cubic capacity so that I can replace the non-standard parts, such as brakes and lights, with originals so that I can get it licensed. Is this a monde? year 1925 or 1935? a 250 or a 350? Thank you in advance for your assistance and soon I hope to have it on the road... -- Xavier Laurent -- hamactouch at

January 8, 2003
Dear sirs,
I own a Gillet-Herstal 350cc (1950). The bike was in Uruguay for many years, then it was carried to Argentina where it was restored and where I bought it. I cannot find information about this particular model or how much is it worth.

I would greatly appreciate any information about this bike if you happen to know anything about it. I enclose pictures.
Thank you kindly for your help!
Roberto Barreiro De Vesa, PhD -- roberto.barreiro at pioneer dot com
Dept. of Analytical Biochemistry
Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. (a DuPont business)
Johnston, IA 50131

June 16, 2002
I am looking for a copy of "De Gillet Herstal Motorfietsen - 1919-1959" by Yves Campion. I am not sure of the year butr it was published by Uitgeverij Freson. I got about 20 pages copied and sent to me by Geert over at Yesterdays Motorcycles to help me date my 1929 "Tour Du Mode". It has lots of good pictures. I am also looking for any manuals, (reprints O.K.) that would help me with the restoration. Anyone else have one of these 349cc sport models? -- Dave King -- Dpplking at aol dot com

April 23, 2002
I'm the daughter of a owner of a Gillet and he searches the user manual - if possible in German - So does anyone know, how I can buy this book about Motors Gillet Herstal??? My father is not used to English writing nor to Internet - so I like to help him - in Austrian bookstores I cannot find the book anyway.
So please help me,
many thanks (my father has birthday in May!!)
Birgit Wolf -- wolf-b- at

April 23, 2002
From Sheldon:
I will post this on the Gillet page at the European Motorcycle Universe web site and maybe someone will have an answer for you. Otherwise you may want to check with this web site: They may be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

July 8, 2002
Thank you for your help - we found Yves Campion and he sent us the book and plan for the Gillet LES 50 - you can take a look : - Franz Plank is the lucky owner!
greetings from austria, -- birgit --

April 19, 2002
J ‘ai un besoin urgent d'informations concernant une
Motocyclette très vieille type Gillet Herstal
Année de construction 1926-1935 ?? 350 ccm.
Pourriez-vous me faire parvenir des prospectus, livres, catalogues, une instruction réparation et - si possible - votre liste de prix sur les pièces de rechange pour la motocyclette ci-dessus mentionnée. Dans l'attente de votre réponse, je vous prie d'agréer, Messieurs, mes salutations les meilleures.-- morioka at

Translation: J's ‘have an urgent need of information concerning a very old Motorcycle type Gillet Herstal Year construction 1926-1935?? 350 ccm. Could you send me leaflets, books, catalogs, an instruction repair and - if possible - your price list on the replacement pieces for the above mentioned motorcycle. While waiting for your response, I you taken to accept, Sirs, my greetings the better ones.

April 16, 2002
I have a gillet 500 1954. And I need some help.
I you have any Information please share it with me. If you need y Picture to publish feed free to ask me
cheers -- Joerg -- joerg.hagen at

October 19, 2001
Dear Sirs,
I am owner of the engine Gillet-Herstal no. 20 623

- engine capacity: 493 ccm
- stroke: 89 mm
- bore: 84 mm

Because I have no chance to copmlete the motorcykle myself, I would like to sell the above described engine. Please, send me your price offer, in the case of your interest. -- Ing.Jan Karásek  -- karasek.j at

July 14, 2001
I just read an advertisement in the July 23, 2001 Union Leader newspaper (Manchester, New Hampshire) for a 1950 Gillet-Herstal motorcycle. It was an unknown brand to me, so I did a web search and came to this siteto learn more. If anyone is interested, the ad says the bike is a restored 500cc Belgian Military model and they are asking $4,500 (US) or best offer for it. The contact number is 603-644-2547. -- Jerry Little -- jlittle at nhbankers dot com

June 28, 2001
Dear friends
Can anyone help my friend Mike Gillett? He has no email, but he does have a rather nice 1931 Gillet-Herstal 500cc Sport (see attached) which regularly graces the lanes of the northern Lake District in England. Mike has three documents he'd love to be able read to find out more about his bike, but none of them is in English.

-There is a manual which I think is in German
-A history of Gillet-Herstal in French
-And something else which I think must be Flemish.

Has anyone got any of these documents translated into English? Mike is particularly interested to find out what magneto and dynamo were fitted to the original model. And if you can't help, please do you have links to other G-H enthusiasts who may be able to? -- Many thanks -- Alison Turnbull -- alisont at

Alison Turnbull

June 27, 2001
Dear Sir,
I'm the owner of this Gillet-Herstal 1920 motorcycle. Frame No: M.1223.. I'm repairing the engine and transmission to top condition. Like new. All else is original paint and condition, but I have no tire. Can you tell to me the orginal tire size? Rim diameter is 22 inc or (560 mm) x 2.1/4" (57 mm)
If you know possible tire company for beaded-edge tire, can you give address to me.
Does anyone know how many bikes like this still exist?
My bike is for sale and I would like to know what it is worth. For example US - $ or Euro.
I'm a professional mechanic, I know this bike is very rare today.
Please help me.
2 pictures show my bike. I have more if you would like to see them.
Hugo Ahola -- hugoa at

June 11, 2001
I am the happy owner of a 350-OHV'34 and a 400SV of'47,this is one of he first Gillet bikes, build with hydraulic front fork. I wish to contact other owners of that model to exchange experiences of restoration. -- Greatings from Kotrijk, Belgium -- Carlier Marnix -- marnix.carlier at

April 30, 2001
Geachte heer
Kunt u ons helpen hoe wij van een gillet-herstal 250 cc bwjr plus min 1949 met het frame nr 255379 in welk land hij geregistreed staat of exacte bouwjaar kunnen achterhalen. alvast onze vriendelijke dank hiervoor -- René Privé Geleen -- r.schoens at

April 2, 2001
Geachte heer
Kunt u ons helpen hoe wij van een gillet-herstal 250 cc bwjr plus min 1949 met het frame nr 255379 in welk land hij geregistreed staat of exacte bouwjaar kunnen achterhalen. alvast onze vriendelijke dank hiervoor -- René Privé Geleen -- r.schoens at

From Sheldon -- Unfortunately I am not able to translate from Dutch. If anyone can please let me know what this says.

November 2, 2001


I'll try and translate the following message for you (found it on your webpage) -- Rienk de Vries -- rvries.6 at

Dear Sir, Could you help us how to find out in which country the Gillet-herstal 250 cc with frame nr 255379 is registered. It's from around 1949, but we'd be interested to know the exact year of build. Many thanks, René Privé Geleen r.schoens at

February 21, 2001
I have a mostly complete and restored Gillet Herstal 500 cc for sale.
Do you know of any people looking for these quite unusual MC's? Most parts rechromed and repainted in very good condition. (you probably know the cost of rechroming, and it's very well done) New tires and tubes (from Vintage tyres, no old dry stuff) but I need new spokes. Missing is only the original handlebar and the gear wheel for the generator (which is new) The bike comes along with a number of extra parts including oil tank, carburetors, hubs, head lamp housing and engine and gear box details. Asking price is Eur 3200 -- Regards -- Christer Larsson -- christer.larsson at

January 2, 2000
Do you have any information about a Gillet estafette 500cc of the year 1951? If you have let me know I am looking a long time. Thank you very much -- Zwaantje from Belgium -- 9245 at

I put some stuff about Gillet-Herstal motorcycles on my homepage(s), just follow the link below... Unfortunately the Homepage is still far from finished.

Btw, a query on "Gillet-Herstal" yielded some 45 hits, so web-content on these bikes is improving :-)
rdv at
rvries.6 at
ICQ 49322958
Homepage: [404]

A recent search on the same term revealed 60,000 results. Ed.

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