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Fernand Laguesse, Motorcycle Designer

A Brief History
In 1927 Fernand Laguesse created a new company after he left Gillet Herstal, for whom he had designed their first two-strokes and later the famed Tour du Monde model. He sold engines built by Marechal which powered motorcycles by Star-Gem and by Van Hauwaert, and built machines named Lamoco powered by his own unconventional two-stroke design. These were inline twins of unit construction delivering power to the rear wheel via cardan shaft.

Only two prototypes were built before the company became insolvent, and the design was sold to NSU who built their own very handsome prototype in 1931, although the concept and overall layout were much the same as the Lamoco.

One of the original Lamoco machines survives.

Sources: François-Marie Dumas, Wikipedia NL.

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fantova.sarldugros at yahoo.fr
Laguesse Lamoco 1929
First of all, thank you for your website, I could find a lot of informations.
I would like to know if you could be able to give more information about the Laguess Lamoco
One of the two motorcycle still exist ? Could we see it somewhere, maybe in a museum ?
And if yes, which museum ?
Thnk you in advance for your answer
King regards

  • Yes, one survives in a museum. Will post further information as it comes to hand.

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