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Geco-Herstal Motorcycles


A Brief History of the Marque

Ancien Etablissements J. et H. Gerkinet
38 rue des Bas-Rogers

Manufactured in France from 1924 to 1928, the factory produced 175 to 350cc machines using Zurcher sidevalve engines and Staub 3 speed gearboxes. They also built part of the Belgian Gillet-Herstal range.

Sources: JLB Creations

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j&h gerkinet herstal
I have a really old rearwheel from j&h gerkinet herstal (firm J. H. Gerkinet from Herstal). It looks like an old wheel from an old puch or other bike. Now i want it to use it for my old cargo bike. The wheel is 28 inch, 5 cm wide and i'm looking for a tire. This is difficult. Is it a 50-609 wheel or another one? Do you guys have any idea? Can you help me?
Or are you interested? It is in really good condition.
Joost Bout

Tue Nov 03 2009
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documents technique
Geco herstal 350 cm3
avez vous des photos et des documents technique sur le modèle Geco-herstall 350 cm3
lIMAY 78520 fRANCE

Thu May 05 2005
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contact about geco herstal
If you want to talk about these bikes or exchange informations...

I have found this 350 model in south France (where I live) and I have some more documents.
What do you want to know (except philosophic answers!)?

January 2, 2001
About the company:

In 1927 the company GILLET ( Belgium ) has taken possession of the company GERKINET & Co. ( France ).

From 1927 up to 1930 ( proable ) they have built motorbikes with the name GECO-HERSTAL.

They have used ZURCHER ( 175,250 and 350 ccm ) ohv engines and STAUB gear-boxes with 3 speeds.

About my motorbike Geco-Herstal: year of construktion: 1927/28

engine: 250 ccm ohv Zurcher
gear box: Staub, 3 speed
max. speed: 100 km/h
weight: 90 kg

If you have got any information or question about GECO-Herstal, Zurcher or Staub, please contact me: rekopp at

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