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Van Hauwaert Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured Brussels 1930~1954

Usines et Bureaux: 40, Av. Robert Dansaert, Grand-Bigard - Bruxelles

In the 1930s the company built motorcycles powered by Marechal engines supplied by Laguesse.

In 1954 or 55 Van Hauwaert distributed Sterva 125/175cc scooters under the name of Motoretta. The Italian firm MDS produced a Motoretta model of 65cc at the same time.

They had an association with Carlier who marketed La Couronne. These were apparently the same as some Van Hauwaert models which were powered by Gillet engines of up to 500cc.

Sources: Amis Terriens, François-Marie Dumas

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