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Poinard Motorcycles

Pierre Poinard of 54 rue E. Dolet, Cachan (Seine), builder of sidecars, three-wheel 125cc utility vehicles and, in 1952, a three-wheel 125cc microcar.

Poinard acquired the BCR firm in 1929, according to one source - another says that BCR began manufacturing Poinard sidecars in 1930.

Whichever is correct, it appears that the Poinard of the 1950s is closely associated with BCR.

Models include:

1930s 250cc Chaise (previously BCR)

1930s 350cc Chaise (previously BCR)

1930s 500cc Chaise (previously BCR)

1930s 1000cc Chaise V-twin (previously BCR)

Sources: Tragatsch; JLB Web; Cycle Memory; contemporary advertising.

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