Whitley Manufacturing Co

Whitley of Cow Lane, Coventry produced motorcycles from 1902 to 1905. They had been building automobiles since 1900.

This firm built its own engines, some of which were water-cooled and which hung from the downtube of their motorcycles and sidecar. To help with engine cooling, the latter was fitted with air scoops. Using belt drive and braced forks, it was a typically primitive design.

Whitley engines were sold to Mills and Fullford for use in the Milford motorcycles they produced in 1903-1904.

Reports from the 1903 Stanley Show:

Whitley Motor and Engineering Co.: During the last twelve months this firm have added to their [range] four other sizes, namely, 3.5 and 4 h.p. air-cooled, and and 5 h.p. water-cooled. Complete engines of each type will shown: also parts, together with castings, so that detail examination can made. The firm are also showing contact breakers, improved automatic feed carburetters, silencers, complete h.p. motor cycle and convertible tri-car, and special belt for forecarriages.

Coventry Evening Telegraph - Thursday 12 November 1903

The Whitley Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd.,

will have an excellent show of their various specialities in motor cycles, engines, and accessories, amongst which will be the following: 2¾ h.p., 3¼ h.p., 4 h.p. air-cooled, and 4 h.p. and 5 h.p. water-cooled motor cycle engines (as illustrated), with all latest improvements in bearings, valves, exhaust, contact-breaker, pulley, cooling, gears, etc., being suitable for cycles, tricycles, tri-cars, and forecarriages. A new contact-breaker on the spring wipe principle, always certain in contact, fitted on a fibre back with an aluminium cover, which is claimed to be perfectly free from short circuits; a silencer, for which it is claimed that, while being a real silencer, it does not reduce the power of the engine when in use; a convertible forecar, which can be fitted with any of the above engines, and having their special air-scoops and two front brakes worked by one lever.

The Motor Cycle, November 18th, 1903. Page 799
Stanley Show 1903

The Whitley Manufacturing Co built and marketed sidecars from 1922 to 1929. Their catalogue for 1925 listed 9 different models, and their address was London Road, Coventry.

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