Wasp Motorcycles

Wasp are motorcycles that have been in production since 1964, from a firm based at Berwick St James, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, founded by Robin Rhind-Tutt, who was originally employed by the Ministry of Defence as a engineering apprentice.
  • This company built itself up on the request for replicas of a successful competition machine, originally built for sidecar scrambles and grass-track events and known as the 'side-car-cross'.

    The early machines used Norton twin engines and were sold either complete or in kit form. To begin with they used trailing-link forks, but then changed to leading-link.

    1971 They were most successful - winning the European Championship and many more.

    Mid-1970s. Wasp dominated the sport for some years, using other engines as well as the Norton.

    Other products came along over the years, always with three wheels and made to a high standard.

    Today, Wasp Motorcycles are still building sidecar and solo motocross rolling chassis to order.

Source: Graces Guide

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