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Douglas Sidecars 1925


Contrary to the practice of most motor cycle manufacturers, we do not produce touring machines and then fit someone else's sidecars to them, We design our own, knowing that a far more satisfactory combination can be turned out in this manner.

Douglas sidecars are of the same high quality as Douglas motor cycles, They are made at the Douglas Works by specially trained operatives, and embody refinements not usually found in sidecars costing far more. Prices are exceptionally reasonable because our output is so tremendous.


The chassis is strongly constructed of the highest grade tubing. It is attached to the motor cycle at four points, giving great rigidity without excessive weight. The body is anchored at the rear by two " C " springs, and at the front by two coil springs, giving a suspension that is at once comfortable and flexible, The mudguard is attached io the body and is thus also sprung, The body is coachbuilt throughout! and affords plenty of leg room for the passenger. Its lines are particularly pleasing - it IS built low to harmonise with the frame design. The body colour is Douglas blue, and luggage grid of ample proportions, windscreen and storm apron are provided. The locker space at the rear enables a surprising amount of luggage to be stowed away in safety, immune from rain. When sold with the machine, the sidecar carries sidecar lamp and fitting.

O.B. 25 LUGGAGE CARRIER - A compact luggage grid which can be supplied to fit existing sidecars. It is light yet extremely strong, and is so shaped to follow the contour of the rear of the body when folded up.

O.B. 25 WINDSCREEN. - Made of sheet metal, curved and binged at the front. It gives ample protection and freedom from eddying side currents, and is fitted with special fireproof celluloid.

O.B. 25 SIDECAR CHASSIS. - For those who wish to have their own design of body, this sidecar chassis can be thoroughly recommended, It is light and sturdy, stable at all spreeds, with no side sway; the four point suspension and adequate springing ensure perfect rigidity and comfort.

C.W. SIDECAR. - It is common practice these days to fit sidecars to 2 3/4 h.p. machines, and for a number of years the 2 3/4 h.p. Douglas has been successfully used in conjunction with a sidecar. As far back as 1912 a 2 3/4 h.p. Douglas combination successfully went through the London-Edinburgh Trial.

The C.W. model lends itself admirably to the fitting of a light sidecar. The C.W. sidecar expressly produced for this purpose is a light chassis with a well-sprung body. The latter is on sporting lines and is beautifully finished in Douglas blue.

Price, £16 in United Kingdom. With screen, £18 in United Kingdom.

O.W. 25 SIDECAR - An attractive little sidecar on sporting lines, especially suitable for attaching
to the 2 3/4 h.p. O.H.V. Douglas. Weight distribution has been carefully studied and every satisfaction will be given by this sidecar for fast touring, The price is £16 in United Kingdom; A windscreen is fitted complete at £2 extra.

Douglas was the first combination to cover 1,000 miles officially recorded, in 24 hours.

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