Douglas Motorcycles

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Douglas Motorcycles 1908-1909

Douglas AIV Twin 1908

Douglas Bros.

Kingswood, Bristol. Stand No. 65.

This exhibit consists of the neat little "Douglas Light Weight." A machine is shown which in full touring kit complete with tool bag and carrier, scales 105 lbs. It has a two-cylinder horizontally opposed engine with outside flywheel. The magneto is mounted. on top of the crank case in an arched recess in the tank. The carburetter is controlled by handlebar levers, and as the throttle is opened the size of the choke tube is automatically enlarged, thus admitting more air and keeping the mixture at the correct degree of richness. The valves are mounted vertically, the inlet being automatic. Spring forks are used, and a neat front wheel stand can also be fitted if desired. All parts of the engine are ground accurately, even the piston rings being so treated after cutting. The pistons have deep and wide recesses milled in them to carry the lubricating oil. This machine is one which is likely to appeal strongly to several classes of rider.

Stanley Show 1908