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Douglas 1925 CW 348cc

The Motor Cycle Overseas Annual and Buyers’ Guide

The cult of chain transmission on light motor cycles prompted us early in 1924 to produce the 2 3/4 h.p. chain drive Douglas. A three-speed countershaft gear box incorporating a kick-starter is included, and the all-chain drive embodies a special shock-absorbing system. The clutch is part of the flywheel, easily adjusted, and the brakes are of ample proportion.

A few months after this model had been in production, it won the big Brisbane Trial, was the only side valve machine to finish in the New South Wales Grand Prix, and broke the Sydney-Brisbane record.

The machine is exceptionally delightful to drive, The twin-opposed engine develops surprising power, and is absolutely vibrationless. It is steady on all surfaces the low riding position, coupled with the even distribution of weight, gives the rider absolute security in grease and mud.

The demand for this model exceeded our expectations, and just prior to the Show we were able to cut the price from £58 to £45. It is, without a doubt, the machine of the year.

ENGINE - The famous vibrationless horizontally opposed twin-cylinder Douglas. Bore 60.3 mm, X 60 mm, stroke, giving 338 c.c.

CRANKCASE - Neat aluminium casting, with polished exterior. All threads, bearing housings, etc-., are in the form of special incast brass rings and bushes.

CYLINDERS - Fine grey iron castings, with exceptionally deep cooling fins.

VALVES - Made of special alloy, unbreakable steel, fitted with long, barrel-shaped valve springs and operated from a neat timing chest on the side of the crank case, which encloses the whole of the gear-driven cams and magneto pinion.

PISTONS - Special crucible cast iron, of 18 tons tensile strength : two narrow rings being provided at the top of the piston.

CRANKSHAFT - Solid steel stamping, machined all over, hardened and ground, running in two heavy-duty ball bearings of robust dimensions.

LUBRICATION - Is effected by means of a spring controlled hand pump, in conjunction with a sight feed, suitably mounted on top of the petrol tank, which provides an exceptionally fine adjustment and ensures of correct lubrication, the oil being led from the sight feed to the engine, after which the lubrication is automatic.

We recommend WAKEFIELD’S X.L. oil for use in this engine.

The machine that broke the Sydney-Brisbane road record.

COUNTERSHAFT UNIT - Douglas indestructible three-speed gear box, of the constant mesh type and incorporating a kick-starter, is used, The pinions are of 5 per cent, nickel steel, and the drive taken up by sliding dogs of sturdy design. Both lay and main shafts run on large diameter, heavy-duty ball races. Shock absorber of special design is fitted to the primary drive side of the gear box, which is very sweet and efficient in action.

CARBURETTER - Semi-automatic Douglas or Amac carburetter, according to supplies.

TRANSMISSION - 1/2" x 3/16" heavy roller chain, which is very sweet running and is amply protected by a special form of chain guard.

IGNITION - By E.I.C. or other first-class British make magneto and by K.L.G. H.S.I. type sparking plugs.

CLUTCH - Incorporated in the flywheel, of the single plate type, combining smooth action, light operation and large friction surfaces with a minimum of weight. The clutch can be adjusted in a few seconds.

FRONT FORKS - Of famous Douglas design, the lubrication of which is by pressure grease gun system.

BRAKES - Front and rear ; powerful shoe type, operating into " V " section, special heavy brake rim. The brake shoes are provided with parallel action, the front being operated from the handle-bars and the rear by right-hand heel pedal.

KICK-STARTER - The kick-starter is arranged in a convenient position on the near side of the machine. Very little effort is required to spin the engine, and the kick-starter is so designed that the engine can easily be put into operation by either a girl or boy.

WHEELS - Of special construction with flat base rims. Bearings and spindles are of special steel, which afford easy adjustment. Lubrication of the hub is by means of the pressure grease gun system, making the hub absolutely waterproof.

FOOT BOARDS - Finely cast in aluminium and provided with heavy rubber studs.

MUDGUARDS - Are of special section with plenty of clearance to prevent clogging through mud, which is especially useful for Colonial roads.

TYRES. 26 x 2 1/4" first-class make.

TANK - Highly finished in burnished aluminium, with Douglas blue panels, and neatly lined in blue. Petrol capacity, 1 3/4 gallons. Oil capacity. 3 pints.

SADDLE - Douglas patent spring saddle is fitted, giving a low riding position and insulated from all road shocks.

CONSUMPTION - Petrol: 100 m.p.g. is usually accomplished with the standard model, and the oil consumption varies between 1,000 and 1,300 m.p.g., according to the locality in which the machine is used.

CARRIER - With two tool hags fitted.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Complete kit of tools, pump, and oil or grease gun.

Overall length. 7" 1" , Overall width of handle-bars, 2' 8".

Weight : Under 200 lbs. Brings this machine within range of 30/- tax, and is guaranteed with each. This applies only to UK.

Sprockets of various sizes can be supplied for exceptionally hilly districts and for competition work.

K.L.G., sparking plugs are provided and recommended for use in tins engine. The new exhaust system, of registered design, is available for use on the machine, as shown in the illustration. An additional charge of 13/- is made for this.

Acetylene lighting equipment, which includes head lamp, generator, and lamp brackets, etc., also horn, 30/- extra,

Electric lighting by Powell & Hanmer. Generator specially gear driven by enclosed range of gears from timing chest, switchbox, lamps and wiring, £10 extra.



Nett Weight   1 cwt, 3 qrs, 9 lbs.

Gross ,,   ,, 3 ,,   2 ,,   14 ,,

Measurements. 89in. x 17in. x 42in.

A special lightweight sidecar, built throughout in the Douglas Works, and fitted with a comfortable coach built body and neat aluminium windscreen, can be supplied to fit the above model. Price, £16; with screen, £18, Price in UK + £45 : 0 : 0

C.W. Colonial Model with Balloon Tyres £46 ; 10 t 0

Douglas won the Kimberly-Bloemfontain road race.