Douglas Motorcycles

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Douglas Motorcycles of the 1930s

1930-1933 Models S5, S6, T6, C31, D31, E31, D32, E32, H32, D33

1931-1932 Models A31, A32, B31, B32, C32

1931-1932 Models F31, G31, F32, G32

Douglas 1932 Models

A32 350cc SV, B32 350cc SV, C32 500cc SV, D32 600cc SV, E32 600cc SV, F32 500cc OHV, G32 600cc OHV, H32 750cc SV, K32 350cc, M32 500cc OHV, SW5 500cc OHV, SW6 600cc OHV, DT5 500cc OHV, DT6 600cc OHV
Douglas 1932 Gallery

Douglas 1934 Models

X. 150cc Model, Flywheel Lighting
X.1 150cc Model, Dynamo Lighting
Y. 250cc Sidevalve Model
Y.1 350cc Sidevalve Model
Y.2 500cc Sidevalve Model
Z. 600cc Sidevalve Model
Z.1 750cc Sidevalve Model
O.W. 500cc OHV Model
O.W.1 600cc OHV Model

Douglas 1935 Endeavour

Developed by Eddie Withers and Jack Clapham, the Endeavour was a fairly radical machine in that the sidevalve horizontally-opposed twin was mounted transversely and drove the rear wheel via cardan shaft. The four-speed gearbox was hand-actuated.

The Endeavour was featured on the Douglas stand at the 1934 Olympia Show, but was not in the 1935 catalogue. It is believed that fewer than 200 were built, and the list price was £72-10-0. This was more than double the price of the standard 600cc SV model which Pride and Clarke advertised at £32.

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