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Bender Sidecars

Nimbus 1952 with Bender Sidecar
Nimbus 1952 with Bender Sidecar

A Brief History of the Marque

Built in Denmark, models included JM130, Comet, Model LV, Model GM.

Dalesbike of Addingham UK advertised the Bender in 1976.

There is a history of the Bender published in Nimbus Info Nr 39, Seite 15, in German.

hooperman100 at btinternet.com
Bender sidecar
Hello, I have been offered a Bender sidecar body and frame. How can I find out information about it and is there anywhere I might be able to purchase parts to rebuild it with. I need many parts.
Nicholas Hooper
United Kingdom

  • Perhaps try a Scandinavian forum. Many Nordic denizens speak excellent English. Ed.

gatomail at mighty.net
Bender Model LV, number LVA 4569, unsure of age but think mid-50s
Complete with locking trunk, but seat and windshield appear to be home-made later additions. Mounted on 1967 BMW R60/2 - a great combination!
Peter Brunner
Ashland, Oregon, USA

BMW-1967-R60-2-Bender images posted to Comments.

mxh at juno.com
Bender (not sure model or year)
Are there any manuals for a Bender sidecar available in English?
Max Holland
Potomac, Maryland, USA

Unlikely, but you could try this page: Books and Manuals

Sun, 18 Feb 2018
PaulHarmatuk at Yahoo.com
1966 Bender Florin Side Car 1966 BMW bike

I am looking for the six trim pieces on the nose of the Bender Florin side car. Any assistance in locating them would be gratefully appreciated. Paul H.
Paul Harmatuk
Austin, Texas USA

Sun Oct 23 2016
stormy at rocketmail.com<
Bender sidecars
1964 R60 BMW R60
I need assembly info for mounting Bender sidecar all i have is box of parts?
Bend OR. USA

Wed Sep 02 2015
stephan-kellermann at t-online.de
Bender JM53
Hallo !
i have a very early bender-sidecar, type jm53, must be pre-war. There seems to be absolute no information about this type.
Hamburg, GE

... a few images of the Bender sidecar.
The bike is a pre-war Ardie 500.

More images in the Sidecar Gallery

April 2013
From the Steib group at Yahoo:

Clearing up regarding Bender side cars. (information taken from the Bender Sidevogen catalog)..there were two Bender models of side cars manufactured...

(1) MODEL LV..this is a light car with a wrap around steel frame as on the Steib S models. IT has a coil spring axel and coil sprung body. all pivot points have grease fittings..132 lbs. Locking trunk....

(2) MODEL LM..similar in construction to the LV with  the exception that it is larger. Looks almost like a Steib S500, but it is larger, about 2 inches. 179 lbs. It has coil spring axel and
body....I have owned in the past an LV model attached to a 1965 R60/2 and it was a wonderful unit..
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