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Motorcycles Built in Germany (K)

Motorräder Hergestellt in Deutschland: Notes on some of the rarer German marques

This page lists brand names beginning with the letter "K" for which we currently have only an historical precis.
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Manufactured 1924-1930
Built motorcycles using 198cc and 498cc 3 valve OHC Küchen engines.
Source: Tragatsch p181

Kaha Electric Tricycles 1920-1924

Kalkhoff-Werke GmbH., Oldenburg, built mopeds with JLO engines in the 1950s
Source: mo-ped-se


The Essen-based department store group sold mopeds under the name Condor.

These were built by Kynast in Quakenbrück, which manufactured mopeds for many retail organisations. The Condor was similar to the corresponding Hercules models. Both standard and luxe versions were offered, the latter with cast wheels and a 2-speed Sachs engine.

Kynast also apparently sold "Starflite" under their own name.

There were several other Condor marques

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Karü 1922-1924

Manufactured 1923-1925
Built lightweights with 198cc Alba engines.
Source: Tragatsch p181

Kayser 1899~1903

KC 1921-24

Keni 1921-25

Kessel & Schmidt; - Maschinenfabrik, Pößneck in Thür., Neustädterstr. 51

Manufactured 1928-1931
Assembled machines using 196, 346, 490 and 545cc JAP engines. Most of the chassis and running gear components were also made in England.
Source: Tragatsch p184

Klotz 1923-1926

Built lightweight motorcycles using 142 and 1959cc two-stroke engines of their own manufacture.
Source: Tragatsch p185

Constructed single cylinder four-stroke machines using engines of their own design in two versions, two-valve and four-valve, the latter delivering 6hp.
Source: Tragatsch p185

Kunz & Müller Motorradwerk,, Militärstraße 88b Stuttgart.
Models included a 196cc OHV single with inclined valves using an engine of their own design, and a 142cc model with a Grade two-stroke engine. There was also a Kraftrad model with a 2.5ps DKW engine.
Sources: Tragatsch p185,,

Manufactured 1923-1926
Emil Köhler & Hermann Bovenkamp were partners in the company established in 1894 and became well-known for their chains, having developed a manufacturing process which is in use to this day. Emil departed before WWI.
Both Wuppertal and Barmen-Hatzfeld are associated with the history of the marque.
The company built motorcycles using their own 276cc two-stroke engines but ceased production during the period of hyperinflation, as did a great many other motorcycle manufacturers in Germany.
Source: Tragatsch p185


Kofa AG, Neutorstraße 10, Nuremberg, 1923 - 1925
Built motorcycles with 289cc single-cylinder two-stroke engines


Komet 1902-1905


Manufactured by A. Burkhardt, Kobold Kleinmotoren GmbH, München, Lilienstr. 16, 1924-1925.

Address also given as München, Trogerstr 19.



Manufactured in Berlin 1924-1925
The firm built two models, the two-stroke Simplex, and the four-stroke Ideal, both with a 2-speed gearbox integral with the unit-construction engines, and was available with electric lighting.
Source: GTU Oldtimerservice

Manufactured by Euroimport Schlich of Mayen from 1985.
In the years 1985 and '86 the firm produced 12 different models enduro and motor-cross machines using mostly Italian components and modified Sachs two-stroke engines. Later machines were the KSR175 and KSR250, both powered by Moto Morini. Series production ceased in the early 1990s but the KSR250 remained available on special order for some time.
Source: GTU Oldtimerservice

Koster (KS)
Manufactured 1923-1925
A lightweight with pressed metal and tubular frame, it was fitted with 123cc Bekamo and 144cc Cockerell engines. It had disc wheels, used both chain and belt drive which were fully enclosed. The fuel tank was integral with upper frame.
Source: Tragatsch p186

Ko-Wu Lieferwagen 1926-1929

KR 1924-1925

K.R. (1930s)
Manufactured in München 1930-1933.
Unrelated to the KR marque of the previous decade built by Karl Rühmer, these machines were assembled using JAP 198cc SV and OHV engines, and JAP 298cc engines.
Source: Tragatsch p186.

Manufactured 1921-1926
Built motorcycles with 148 and 198cc ohv Paque engines, and 293cc Bosch-Douglas HO twins supplied by SMW.
Source: Tragatsch p187


Krause Racer
The machine appeared in race reports of 1926 and 1927, and is believed to have been a 175cc motorcycle. It is not known if it was related the Krause sidecar manufacturer.
Source: motorrä

Krause Seitenwagen
Built by Gustav Krause, it possibly used Stoye components
Source: motorrä

From 1924 to 1929 the firm built a variety of machines using engines from DKW (142cc and 175cc), Kuhne (348cc ohv), Blackburne, and JAP (248cc and 490cc, the latter in both ohv and sv configuration).
Source: Tragatsch p187

Kühne Engines

Manufactured by Georg Kulitzky of Berlin, 1922-1924
Built lightweight motorcycles using engines from Bekamo, DKW, Beuker, Snob and Alba.
Source: GTU Oldtimerservice

Built from 1925 to 1927
These lightweight sports machines had triangulated frames with watercooled Bekamo 173cc two-stroke engines. Production was very limited.
Source: Tragatsch p188

Manufactured 1924-1927
Fairly basic motorcycles using their own OHV engines of 197cc and 248cc.
Source: Tragatsch p188

Kynast 1974-

1924-1925. Another product of the Krieger-Gnadig firm, KZ machines were powered by Alba 198cc single-cylinder four-strokes with a two-speed gearbox, V-belt drive, parallelogram fork and block brakes. There was also a sports machine with 350 cc Kühne engine and final drive by chain.
Source: Tragatsch p188, et al.

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