Motorcycles Built in Germany (V)

Motorräder Hergestellt in Deutschland: Notes on some of the rarer German marques

This page lists brand names beginning with the letter "V" for which limited historical information is currently available.
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Built motor bicycles and mini-scooters with 42cc two-strokes of their own manufacture, and light scooters using Moto 99cc two-stroke engines.
Sources: Tragatsch p288

Fitted their own 246cc two-stroke engines into an open frame.
Sources: Tragatsch p290

Manufactured by VIS Aktiengesellschaft of Munich, 1923-1925
These were remarkable machines, the VIS Simplex and VIS Duplex, the former having a 10hp 498cc twin-cylinder two-stroke, the Simplex with a 249cc 4T engine, both sporting a three-speed gearbox. There was also a lightweight fitted with a horizontal engine of 1.5ps.
Frimo. The firm marketed the lightweights fitted with the horizontal* engine as Frimo, along with the Frimo Hilfsmotor fitted with the same engine mounted above the rear wheel of a bicycle.
Tragatsch states that the Frimo engine is a two-stroke of 246cc capacity.
Source: GTU Oldtimerservice, Tragatsch p140,

Manufacturer: Klein, Schäberle & Co. Stuttgart, Böblinger Straße 92
Built sports machines using OHV Blackburne 248 and 348cc engines.
Sources: Tragatsch p293,

Motorised bicycles with 1hp and 1.75hp engines
Sources: Tragatsch p293

Manufactured by Berliner Kleinmotoren AG, Berlin, 1921-1924
The source of the 143cc engine is obscure, and the extravagent advertising claims about the lightweight motorcycle did not lead to strong sales.
There was also Voran-Automobilbau AG (founded 1926) which does not appear related.
Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, Wikipedia DE

Manufactured by Louis Voss of Bielefeld, 1921-1923
The firm, which was established in 1902 in the garment industry trading in sewing machines, offered their first motorcycles built by Göricke, apparently under the brand Lovos. These were followed by machine sold as Voss with the strenthened frames by Göricke and the engines from DKW mounted about the rear wheel. In 1925 Louis Voss moved into the automobile field as a Ford agent.
Source: GTU Oldtimerservice

Manufactured in Burgfarrnbach from 1922 to 1924.
The company built unusual motorcycles with concealed front suspension using 415cc engines (78 x 87mm).

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