Motorcycles Built in Germany (J)

Motorräder Hergestellt in Deutschland: Notes on some of the rarer German marques

This page lists brand names beginning with the letter "J" for which we currently have only an historical precis.
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Kraftfahrzeuge J.A. Kraut, Gochsheim bei Schweinfurt
Lightweights fitted with 119cc, 142cc and 173cc DKW engines, and with 129cc Bekamo two-strokes (Ladepumpe-Motor).
Sources: Tragatsch p176,

Munich firm fitted air- and water-cooled 170cc two-stroke engines of their own manufacture to lightweight motorcycles.
Sources: Tragatsch p176

Manufactured: J. A. Vogler, Fahrzeugbau, Rohrmattenstrasse 16, Nuremberg-Zabo, 1925 - 1929
Vogler bought the Abako company in 1925 and continued the production of motorcycles under that name.
Concurrently they built 200cc sidevalve machines and motorcycles with 500cc SV Sturmey Archer and Blackburne engines. These were sold as far afield as Finland.
With onset of the depression Vogler ceased motorcycle production but continued to produce spare parts for Abako, Cockerell and his own Javon machines.

Built in Nuremberg by Johann Hirschmann & Co., 1921-1923
These were single-speed 200cc two-strokes with belt drive to the rear wheel, which had a rim brake.
Source: Wikipedia DE

ca. Mid 1920s
Type IV used an Esbe two-stroke engine, other models used Adma 130cc and 175cc engines, and Villiers 172cc two-strokes.

Jooss Söhne

Manufactured by J. Schätzle, Fahrzeugfabrik, Liegnitz, Jauernstraße 67
Built their own 132cc and 180ccc two-strokes and also fitted DKW 206cc three-port engines.
Sources: Tragatsch p180,

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