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1903-1935 Diamant Fahrradwerke (Elite-Diamant), Brand-Erbisdorf 1

Established as a bicycle producer in 1885 by the brothers Friedrich Wilhelm and Wilhelm Friedrich Nevoigt, the factory was located near Chemnitz. The company name in later years became Elite-Diamant and motorcycles were marketed as both Diamant and Elite. Diamant is now the oldest bicycle firm in Germany

Motorcycle and tricycle production began early in the century using Fafnir and their own V-Twin engines. This was curtailed in 1907 or 1908.

In 1926 Diamant resumed production with 350cc single-cylinder models powered by OHV engines from Kühne - these are regarded as the best machines the firm produced. These were designed by Franz Gnädig, who was previously a partner in the famous K.G. Krieger-Gnädig firm.

Diamant was purchased by Opel in early 1928, but the two firms parted company in 1930, Diamant becoming Elite Diamant AG.

Diamant built motorcycles powered by 75cc and 100cc Sachs two-stroke engines until 1935.

Sachs, JLO & DKW engines were fitted.

During WWII the factory employed a great deal of slave labour, mostly from the Soviet Union. The company was nationalised in 1952 and under the DDR continued to produce bicycles, some of which were quite advanced. They won the bicycle world championship in 1959 and 1960. Sometime after the collapse of the Soviet Union the company was acquired by a Swiss concern, which was later purchased by the Trek corporation in the United States.

1. Some sources give a closing date of 1940.

Sources: Wikipedia.de, The Motor Cycle, moto-collection.org

Sun Jul 10 2016
fcgusa at gmail.com
Diamant Motorcycles Unknown 100cc 1930
I have this motorcycle and I would like to find out the price for it.

Wed Mar 17 2010
mfederb<at>gmail dot com
Diamant 1938
Just want to check on prices for this rare model is a 1938 Diamant with a JLO 125 engine

Mon Feb 11 2008
marjanluzar at yahoo dot com
Diamant Sachs 98 ccm
seria 1 cyclo-pad motorbycicle
Hello, my name is Marjan and l come from Slovenia. l own Diamant motorbike whit Sachs motor 98 ccm.I m not shure,if the year 1930 is wrigt?!?, becose l dont find any informations about 98 ccm motors before year 1936.But i did find some informations about some experiment (Sachs) with motor and cylinder structure, in 1930 til 1936. On the motor is very interesting cylinder (shape and angle), the same it was on 74 ccm, but its defenetly a 98 ccm (writwn on the badge off the motor) Anybody knows anything in this direction? l would be very happy for any information at all...,

l m also searching for ciclo pedals sistem (complet),becose l dont have it.
Novo mesto

Minor edits.

Sat Oct 06 2007
subject: Diamant med DKW motor 1939
Email: studio.sai at alice.it
message: I need a description manual of the Diamant med DKW of 1939. it's very urgent. thank you.
subject: dropbears

Sat Oct 06 2007
studio.sai at alice.it
Need to found Diamant med DKW motor 1939 presentation book
Diamant med DKW motor 1939
If possible, I need a presentation book of this model, in italian or english. It's urgent! Thank you very much

Ed: This is actually a Swedish marque

Sat May 19 2007
casshenn at yahoo.com.au
Diamant Motor bi cycle
1937 Diamant
I own a Diamant, minus motor, I have no idea what it's selling price might be, any ideas?

Wed Jan 31 2007
md-javid-hussain4u at yahoo dot com
any information on sach or pictures
1938 had a 98cc Sachs
Hello, my name is Mohammed Javid Hussain, I find your website where is some info about DIAMANT motorbike. I live in Sharjah United Arab Emirates and Indian National. I would like to know everything about DIAMANT motorbike, coz my father had DIAMANT about 40 years ago which was declared crowd puller bike one and only piece in India in such emasculate condition. The Sport of 1938 had a 98cc Sachs and came in different styles, but few details are known, during the war they even made a wood burning engine. And I have few awards winning collection of other motor bikes like MILITARY TRIUMPH, TWIN TRIUMPH, and I have little pictures of DIAMANT, some documents, and small ornamentation hand from motorbike. If you have some other info about DIAMANT or pictures please send it to me.

Mon Nov 20 2006
s.gutmann at gmx.de
Diamant wanted, any model and condition, also fragments, parts.
Please send your offer and pictures to s.gutmann at gmx.de
Best regards
S. Gutmann
Stuttgart, Germany

July 15, 2001
Hello, My name is Cristiofer, I find your website where is some info about DIAMANT motobike. I live in Poland that's why my English is not the best, even German. I would like to know everything about DIAMANT motobikes, coz my grandpa had DIAMANT about 40 years ago. Grandpa die, and I have little pictures of DIAMANT, some documents, and small ornamentation hand from motobike. If you have some other info about DIAMANT 500ccm or 350ccm, or pictures please send it to me. I made the website where is small info about it, on the http://www.motorki.strony.poland.com [404] There is a little pictures My Grandpa's Diamant, and other which I find in the web.
Thank You
Cristopher -- f-lanek at go2.pl

January 5, 2003
From Sheldon:
Your note has been posted on the Diamant page at the European Motorcycle Universe web site. We just noticed that the link to your site no longer works. Is there a new link? Or could you send me the info and photos and I could post them on the page?

January 6, 2003
That's right, that my old link no longer works.
There is new link, to new page, unfortunately only in polish language.
There is some information, and story (How can I start adventure with Diamant motobikes), about Diamant motobikes, and also AWO-SIMSON-SPORT, which I have now. And some other info, about other old motobikes.

If you want, I send you these information which I have, but they are not many, like the photos.

The new link is http://www.motocykle.krakow.prv.pl [404]

Diamant 1928.jpg
Diamant 1928

Thanks for the interest this problem.
With best whishes
Krzysztof Flanek -- f-lanek at go2.pl
Cracow Poland

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