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Elite Motorcycles

Manufactured by Elite-Diamantwerke AG, Brand-Erbisdorf, 1917-1940

The Elite brand was a descendant of the Diamant brand, which had been extant since 1903. After the merger of the two companies into the Elite-Diamantwerk in Brand-Erbisdorf, the motorcycles constructed by Krieger and Gnädig were created there with Kühne and JAP engines.

Opel acquired the company on February 27, 1928 and the Neander-designed motorcycles were built there. These were subsquently renamed EO (Elite-Opel).

After 1931, the factory only produced Diamant brand motorcycles with 75cc Sachs two-stroke engines.

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Considerable history of Diamant/Elite may be found at Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive.

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