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Motorcycles Built in Germany (I)

Motorräder Hergestellt in Deutschland: Notes on some of the rarer German marques

This page lists brand names beginning with the letter "I" for which limited historical information is currently available.
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Built light motorcycles using 173cc two-stroke engines of their own manufacture.
Source: Tragatsch p171

The Berlin firm built motorcycles in 1924 and 1925(1) using 350cc engines designed by Gnädig and built by Kühne in Dresden. These had chain drive via a Sturmey-Archer gearbox, and did well in competition. Some had front and rear leaf-spring suspension.
They also used JAP 346cc and 496cc OHV engines, and OHC Kuchen 497cc engines.
As with so many others, the company succumbed to the devastating inflation of mid-1920s.
NB. 1. Possibly 1924-1927.
Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, Tragatsch p174.

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