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Motorräder Hergestellt in Deutschland: Notes on some of the rarer German marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis.
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Friedhelm Zabel had been involved in motorcycle racing for some time before he began building his own engines. Early versions were Maico-based 620cc units, and in 1988 he built a water-cooled 685cc two-stroke for motocross sidecars producing over 80hp. Despite its extraordinary output, it weighed a mere 30kg. It was an immediate success.
Source: François-Marie Dumas

Emil Zehner, Motorradbau, Suhl, Thüringen
This lightweight motorcycle built in small numbers was fitted with a 197cc sidevalve engine designed by Otto Dehne.
Sources: Tragatsch p301

Zetge 1922-1925

Manufactured by Otto Zeugner Motorradbau, Berlin, 1902-1905
Engines from Minerva, Zedel, Fafnir and Peugeot were fitted to strengthened motorcycle frames typical of the era.
Source: GTU Oldtimerservice

Zeus 1925-1927

Ziegelgängsberger & Jakob, Untere Kanalstraße 1, Nuremberg, 1924 - 1926
Motorcycles using their own 211 and 246cc two-strokes, along with 348 and 496cc side-valve and OHV engines from JAP and Blackburne. There is a report of a prototype 449cc two-stroke.

Ziro 1920-1925

Manufactured by Zweirad-Motoren und -Getriebe GmbH (ZMG), Immenstadt, West Germany. 1951.
Fritz Philipps, who had been a senior executive at Riedel AG, bought many of its assets when it went bankrupt. The ZMG was closely based on the Imme 150 cc parallel twin two-stroke machine. It was a beautiful motorcycle, but only 25 were built.
Sources:, et al


Built by Felix Zwanzig of Rehbach near Leipzig, ca. late 1920s to early 1930s.
Source: motorrä

Manufactured by A. König, Plärrer 4, Nuremberg, 1924 - 1925
Production included light motorcycles with 147 and 187cc two-stroke engines.
N.B. Zwerg of Munich who built automobiles in 1924 is unrelated.

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