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Zurtz-Rekord 1924

Karl and Franz Zürtz with two Zürtz Record motorcycles in front of Schloss Darmstädter.
Photo: Automobilhist. Archive Werner Schollenberger, Upper Ramstadt

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured by Motorradwerk Gebrüder Zürtz and later Hessische Motorfahrzeugindustrie (Zürtz & Hartmann) of Darmstadt. 1922-c1926

Franz Zürtz had worked with the Euler aircraft company, and his experience was translated into the design of the motorcycles.

Their first motorcycles used DKW two-stroke engines up to 173cc, and they later used 249cc ohv Columbus, 198cc ohv Paquée and JAP sidevalve and ohv engines of 346 and 490cc. Some of these may have had rear suspension.

Adolf Hartmann had joined the firm as a financial partner in December of 1924, and the firm was shortly renamed accordingly. Unfortunately the partnership did not blossom, and the Zürtz brothers departed the following June. Production appears to have ceased shortly thereafter, possibly in early 1926. The company was disolved in 1927.

The name HEMOFA Darmstadt was also used.

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