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Hercules Motorcycles

History of the Marque

In 1886 Carl Marschütz founded a company in Nurnberg to build bicycles, and adopted the name Hercules Werke AG in 1900. The first motor bicycles were produced in 1904, most if not all powered by Fafnir engines. Production continued until about 1907, and the company subsequently built, until 1928, trucks.

In the 1930s they built touring machines powered by JAP, along with Sachs 98cc lightweights, and in 1932 a JLO 200cc three-wheeler coupe, the Hercules Motorradwagen, was manufactured.

Sachs was the largest manufacturer of two-stroke motorcycle engines in Europe during the fifties, sixties and seventies. These engines were used by many motorcycle manufacturers, Hercules being the most important of them.

In the late 1950s Hercules was absorbed by the Sachs group and Hercules motorcycles were sold under the Sachs or DKW brand in some countries, Australia for instance, and as Kieft in the UK in the 1950s. Perhaps the most interesting bike Hercules built was the W 2000, sold in some markets as the DKW W 2000. This was the first production motorcycle with a Sachs Wankel rotary engine. It produced 27hp.

Hercules also built the Lastenroller scooter sidecar combination powered by a 48cc Fichtel & Sachs engine.

Their machines were rebadged for the UK market as Prior Viscount by Industria Ltd of London, and from there made their way to other Commonwealth and European countries including Portugal and Switzerland.

Some Hercules machines were fitted with JLO engines.

Hercules Models include:

1904-07 4.5 hp Model


1930-34 K 200 Sport 200cc

1930-31 SS 500 20 hp 3-speed

1931 Hercules JAP 200 SV

1931-33 HJ 500 18.5 hp 500cc, 3-speed

1931-33 K 350 7 hp 350cc

c1931-1938 Liliput, 74cc, 1.25 hp, 2-speed (dame und herren models)

1932 Motorradwagen Three-wheeler 200cc JLO

1932-35 B 50 200cc 6 hp

1932-35 K 500 14 hp 500cc 3-speed

1933 Hercules Prinz 175 (New Imperial)

1933 Hercules K 500

1935-38 V3 0 200cc

1935 S 200 8.5 hp 200cc

1936-38 S 204 8.5 hp 200cc

1934-35 HS 350 16 hp, 3 speed

Hercules S 200 Geländesport

1938 MF 100 Liliput

1938 MF 2 Damenausfuhrung

1938-39 Saxonette 60cc (motorized rear wheel)

1938-43 S125 125cc 3 speed




220 MK 1960

K 175 SE 1960

K 102 1962

K 50 1964

K 103 S 1965

K 50 Sport 1966

Lastboy 1966

K 50 Supersport 1967

K 105 1969


K125Bw 1970 (Military)

K105/125X 1971

Sportbike 1971 (Sachs-engined minibike)

Hercules K 50 RE 1973 (Earles forks, offroad 50cc)

K 125 T 1974

Hercules W 2000 1974, Sachs Wankel

Ultra 1976 (Mag wheels, disc brakes, fairing)

K 125 S 1977 (Mag wheels, disc brakes, single-cylinder commuter)

K 50 RL 1978 (Earles forks, dual seat commuter)

Hercules scooters

R 200 1955 (Believed to be a rebadged Triumph Contessa)

J-Be 1960 (Exported to the United States and sold as the J-Be)

R 50S/R 50 1964 (Rebadged KTM Ponny II)

CV 80 1982 (Rebadged Yamaha CV80 Riva)

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer, herculesig.de, et al.

skydiveblue at hotmail.com
1975 Hercules w2000
I am looking for air filter assembly including rubber, decal set and seat cover. Please let me know where do I find such a parts ?
Long Beach California USA

No information at present. If you find a source please share. Ed.
dbottrell64_bo at hotmail.com
1900 hercules dirt bike
Looking to find out year my Hercules may be and what cc
Manitoba canada

It appears to be an early 1970s model. The frame number and ID plate may help identify it. Image posted to Comments
abetingler at yahoo.com
50’s K100’s /125
Hello I recently purchased two Hercules/J-be’s. Both were totally perfectly restore motorcycles that were recently in a fire. I need help finding parts and also have some new old stock parts in case somebody else might need.
Abe Tingler
US, Newark, Ohio
b.dominici at wanadoo.fr
Hercules W-2000
Do you know any specialist of the Hercules W-2000 motobike, as well as clubs ? Best regards.
Bernard Dominici
Marseille, France

Perhaps try the classic clubs section of Bikelinks
nathanlevinco at earthlink.net
I am looking for an owner's manual and / or a wiring diagram.
a copy is just fine, I do not need the original booklet.
I am just completing the bike for sale and would like to get it running.
Nate Levin
Salem, Oregon, USA

British Hercules, or German? Year and model?

The motorcycle was sold in the US in 1975 it is a W2000 rotary,
I would prefer an English language booklet, even though it was probably manufactured in Germany?
Thank you,

Try these pages:
Books and Manuals
German Resources

carloeves at hotmail.com
Hercules (military) K 125 BW
I am hoping that you may be able to help me. I wish to register the motorcycle in England and need some information. I need to obtain an official certificate or letter of the exact date and year of manufacture from when the motorcycle was made or registered in Germany (a Dating Certificate).
Motorcycle information;- K 125 BW (V1)
Frame Number:- 427111107
Engine Number:- 8319258
I believe it was made in 1975 but I need the full day, month and year of manufacture.
I would be very grateful for any information you can give me in obtaining a Dating Certificate, name and address, contact details as to where I can obtain such information.
Carlo Eves
Cheshire UK

If you find a useful source for this information please let us know so it can be added to this page: : Documentation
jeropc at gmail.com
Hercules 321 1956
Just a quick warning to fellow posters!
There's a scammer ... claiming he is parting out a pristine bike...
More information here

jeropc at gmail.com
Hercules 321 JLO 200 CC Engine 1956
I've been crazy looking for a BING 1/26/M6 Carb for a '56 200 CC 321 JLO Engine Hercules. I can't seem to find one. What's a good replacement?
Mexico City, Mexico
willembraam at home.nl
Hercules with JAP engine 200cc year 1930
Do you have the two parts of the crankcase?
Willem Braam

Sat, 07 Apr 2018
mikedborg at msn.com
hercules 360

I have a hercules bike that I'm trying to find info about looking for any help
mike borg
oregoncity oregon USA

Sat, 03 Mar 2018
russh08088 at gmail.com
hercules seven speed

need parts to rebuild engine, its a 125cc, would like to make it a 175cc it needs a rod too.
russell k hagerty

Fri, 12 Jan 2018
manu.lopezprecioso at gmail.com
Technical Specifications Hercules k125 BW V2

Hi, I want to reapir and take all the legal documents for my Hercules k125 BW V2 here in Spain, for this reason I need the technical specifications if its possible to make this easier. I bought this second hand motorbike, it has a german plate. Please just let me know how to make this easier to make my bike legal and be able to ride it in a close future. Thank you so much!
Palma de Mallorca Spain

Wed, 20 Sep 2017
joliromeo at gmail.com
Obtenir info Hercules 300 1954
Bonjour je suis à la recherche d information au sujet de ma moto (combien de produite,manuel d entretient,moteur ......) je recherche aussi de bonne adresse afin d obtenir divers pièces .Merci de me répondre superbe cite ne changer rien à bientôt j espère christian
Christian hanciaux
Thy le château Belgium

Trans: Hello I am looking for information about my motorcycle (how much produced, manual service, engine ......) I also look for good address in order to obtain various parts. Thank you for replying to me superb quote not to change anything soon hopeful christian

Tue, 29 Aug 2017
leefullard at hotmail.co.uk
Hercules W2000 Lee Fullard

I need some help if possible... I'm looking for a supplier of parts, new or old for my 1977 Hercules w2000.. Could you or anyone suggest who's best to go to at all?? I look forward to hearing back from you ... PLEASE HELP?!?! Thnaks Lee
Lee Fullard
Surrey United Kingdom

Sunday April 9th 2017
Please give on the motorcycle Hercules 250/322 manufacturing year 1955. I am interested in the number of units that produced 322...
More under: Hercules 1950s Models

Wed Mar 29 2017
Jack.Ducas111458 at att.net
Hercules GS 175
Can you get a .030" over piston?

Fri May 08 2015

isabel.wgonzalez at gmail.com
can you identify sachs bikes?
on engine: mot.nr. 8577125 hub-r 245 cm2
manitoba canada

Sun Jan 25 2015
campamentozirahuen at gmail.com
Hercules in Mexico
nurnemberg Hercules 212
I have a motorcycle Hercules 1951 and I want to restore it, do you have de motor and parts and send to Mexico?

Mon Jan 05 2015
markotohver at hotmail.com
Some 1930 Jap engine parts required ...
Hello and Happy New Year!
I have in Germany built motorcycle Nurnberger Hercules-Werke AG with a JAP engine, which requires some spare parts. JAP engine is 300CC (298) No:86711 A/W, manufactured 1930 in London. Can you help me with finding certain engine parts? I need to find new: magneto, carburettor, piston with rings and the cylinder with head. And one more question: how much should be oil level in this engine?
With kindest regards and thanks for advance.
Marko Tohver

Sat Nov 09 2013
Paint red,blue
Hercules J Be
Looking for information on red, blue and black colors
Newark, Ohio

Mon Oct 28 2013
1967 K80S Hercules
Hercules K 80 S
Trying to find any information I can as far as history and value of my Hercules K 80 S 1967

Sat Sep 07 2013
hercules mo. K J-Jbe/parts-info
hercules K
would like to find parts and info on hercules model k j-jbe motorcycles/scooter. i have recently bought one in non-running condition, I think it is a late 50's model
nc. usa

Thu Jul 26 2012
chrssoderberg<at> yahoo.com
hercules motorcycle id
hercules ?
can anyone help with model and size , this bike is a 1967, next to typ it says 698?
homosassa fl

Tue Oct 04 2011
service manual for a hercules 50m4 with sachs motor
hercules 50m4
I am searching for a service manual for the hercules 50m4 moped with sachs motor

Try this page: Books and Manuals

Mon May 30 2011

peabodl at comcast.net
Moped for sale
Hercules P1
Looking to sell. 1973 made in W Germany. Sachs motor.

Mon Apr 25 2011
For sale
Herkules K 125 BW 1972
Ex. German military bike in very good condition. Runs perfectly, used in summertime only.
Norway, near Oslo


Sun Mar 06 2011
barn find complete bike
herculese w2000
this bike is complete it's a 78 w2000 been in storage for 27 years anybody know what its worth??
ontario canada

Fri Nov 12 2010
migueldiazfredes<at>gmaildot com

Wed Oct 20 2010
For Sale
Hercules K50
I have two K50s for sale. One 1965 and one 1966. The 65 has cafe handlebars. The 66 is stock both are missing tail light. The 66 may need seals? the 65 runs well the 66 quits after a minute or two. Best offer for both bikes  I have shipped bikes all over the world. Contact Paul

Thanks for your page Sheldon
New York

Wed Aug 25 2010
Motorcycle Hercules
jose Roque
Would like to buy a hercules k50 RX dof 1971

Sun Aug 15 2010
recherche pieces hercules sachs 250 mc
hercules sachs mc 250 1978
recherche pieces sachs hercules 250 mc 1978
resort de kik plaques laterales et phare avant
pas de calais

Sat Aug 07 2010
dennisusafr<at>yahoodot com
hercules moped
M4 w/sachs 505/1 eng Balboa
looking for parts,covers for carb,and electrical,also breaks,part to hold chain off frame.kick stand.

Sat May 08 2010
campbellman-43701<at>yahoodot com
looking for 1958 sachs 100 engine for a JBE-K
Hercules JBE- K 100
looking for 1958 sachs 100 engine for a JBE-K & wondering how much such item is worth( engine)

Fri Apr 09 2010
k 100 j-be
hercules k 100
Looking for any info on it
green bay, wisconsin

Fri Jan 22 2010
oldriver66 at hotmaildot com
I have this bike and want to know how much it worth
hercules 1957
I have this bike perfect working condition

Fri Apr 23 2010
rsstill1967<at>yahoodot com
Want to sell
hercules hercules
I have 2 and am looking to sell but dont know the worth. One in good shape one in shipping crate

Tue Mar 02 2010
mike<at>tsmfidot com
hercules 1958 k100
I am interested in the value of this bike. My dad bought it new and Now We would like to know how to find the value Thank you, Mike

Wed Feb 24 2010
pwichmann at optonline.net
Engine right side cover needed
Sachs Hercules 50s 1965 K50 Hercules Prima
can anyone assist me to find the right side cover for a 1965 sachs 50s motor?
New York

Sat Dec 26 2009
edgleiva at hotmaildot com
vendo moto hercules
hercules año 1960
vendo moto hercules año 1960

Thu Dec 10 2009
roelielandstra at hotmaildot com
hercules 50 scooter bj 1964
goede avond ik ben op zoek naar 2 hercules emblemen verchroomd links en rechts kunt u mij daar bij helpen of een email adres waar ik ze kan vinden. vrgr sietse seinstra


Thu Oct 22 2009
gray-tape-34 at hotmaildot com
Parts needed
Hercules Enduro 2501-7-A
I am looking for engine parts, and tool kit,ect.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

Tue Aug 18 2009
laurenzocreten at hotmaildot com
Any kind of parts
Hercules Sachs MK3M (50cc 1973)
I'm looking for any kind of parts for my Hercules Sachs MK3M, they may be new or used.
Other parts of a 3-gear Sachs-motor are also fine.
Belgium, Louvain

Sat Aug 08 2009
autoarese at sapo.pt
spares from hercules k50 1969
hercules prior k50 1969 k 50 1969
tenho uma k 50 de 1969 e preciso do guarda lamas frente e traz
mafra portugal

Fri Jul 31 2009
forty40west at att.net
For Sale
Hercules Wankel 2000
Never been registered with less than 400 miles. Have all service manuals and literature
Los Angeles, CA

Sun Apr 26 2009
alexduguid at blueyonder.co.uk
Motor cycle electrics
DKW Hercules
I am working on a DKW Wankel but have problems with the electrical wiring. I am seeking advice on ignition wiring. Any help would be much appreciated.
Gloucester, UK

Wed Apr 01 2009
dirtdigger131 at yahoodot com
sacks herculese
i have a 250 hercules that was riden by dan tuner in hangtown CA USA that ied like to sale. take note only 2 were sent to this california and the other bike was scraped... DO you have a offer for this one of a sort bike over? im willing to trade

Wed Mar 11 2009
rbourque at att.net
hercules MC 125 7gears ???
what is this bike ???

Tue Jan 06 2009
eckhart at fairpoint.net
Scooter 50 cc Hercules BJ 1964
Hercules Scooter 50 cc / built 1964
I own above motor scooter built in 1964 which I drove diligently for 10 year to work in the 80's and 90's but it needs overhauling and I can't find the ball bearings and casings for the stearing. Could somebody advise a store or place where to find those parts ? Thanks
Eckhart Kiesel

Sun Dec 28 2008
packmail at cybermatsa.com.mx
Need parts for Motorcycle
Hercules 1935 100cc with pedals
Need a sorce for parts

Sun Oct 19 2008
jcgcele at mueblesangondot com
segmentos hercules w2000
busco segmentos w 2000 hecules

Sat Oct 11 2008
mackoutsin at verizon.net
wanting to buy hercules
hercules 125GS 250GS 350GS
would like to buy only in USA

Sun Sep 28 2008
gilbertovicente at portugalmail.pt
gilberto vicente
sachs hercules GS 125 B enduro
I`d like to get informations about this moto , i have one and i want restore this moto

Mon Jul 28 2008
marsullyg at msndot com
hercules hercules m4
I have this beatiful hercules m4 german moped with peddles,and a sach motor,, but i have key foe it,n,,what kind of gas or mixer I can try,,, I would like to have the manual for it,, can you give some feed about this beaty.>>

Fri Aug 22 2008
title , vin hercules m4
need help ,, on to get a vin or title both

Fri Jun 13 2008
discoverer-25 at yahoodot com
Tail light lens needed
Hercules 1937 Liliput 98
I need only a tail light lens to make my 1937 Liliput 98 rideable. Any help appreciated.

Wed Feb 13 2008
cvidal80 at msndot com
50th k175? 313?
Carlos Vidal
Chile, Santiago

i just bought a bike wich its supossed to be an hercules k175... but to me seems more like 313 to 317, anyway i can find a picture with exactly the same model i need help ... [IMG]http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l241/cvidal80/Herculessachs1.jpg[/IMG]


[IMG]http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l241/cvidal80/Herculessachs4.jpg[/IMG]and i wanna know where can i buy pieces and accesories

thanx and help me please
Santiago de Chile

Mon Jan 28 2008
davidnielsen16 at hotmaildot com
Piston reqd.
Hercules 1973 175c.c. Sachs
Looking for a piston for a 1973 Hercules with a 175c.c. Sachs engine it is marked as 59.713
Penticton, Canada

Tue Jan 22 2008
5.0fan at live.ca
hercules w2000
looking for w2000 decals for side covers left and right or any decals we can find
ontario canada

Try here: http://bikelinks.com/directory/Parts/Badges_Decals/

Thu Jan 24 2008
miguelfa at rieder.net.py
Tech advise
Hercules R 200
I have an Hercules R 200 from 1959, some parts from the Magneto are missing and I wonder if you can help me to find Technical advise and spare parts

Wed Oct 24 2007
dmddmd1 at netzerodot com
Tail light lens and chain guard parts
Hercules K100, 1958
I need to find a few parts to finish restoring my 1958 Hercules K100 motorcycle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Wed Oct 17 2007
rksmith46 at hotmaildot com
rectifier, hercules jbe, sachs
i am helping restore a jbe. im doing the wiring and need to know how to tell which side of the rectifier is pos. and which is neg., and if it makes any difference which way i hook it up. i have a factory wiring diagram, so i know where the wires go. the rectif is a square flat metal with a stud thru the center, and a wire on either side. it has to do with the magneto.
thanks, bob

Mon Sep 24 2007
pyrosqueek1999 at yahoodot com
i want to repare my sachs
1964 herculese
if any one has some info. on where to get a book or something to help me get it running agen let me know.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon Sep 24 2007
reblues at yahoodot com
J be k100
Hi: Could you inform me of any Hercules clubs or dealers in th U.S. I would like to sell mine. Thanks, Veronica
Miami Florida

Fri Sep 14 2007
buckmazter420 at aoldot com
Old Hercules
I dont know what the model is for this hrcules. I have names and letters but I cannot find another bike similar to
MI, USA, Stevensville

Fri Sep 14 2007
buckmazter420 at aoldot com
Old Hercules
Hercules ???
I dont know what the model is for this hercules. I have names and letters but I cannot find another bike similar to
MI, USA, Stevensville

Thu Aug 02 2007
dkb5 at netzerodot com
Hercules Parts Availability
J-Be Model K
I have a 1958 100 cc Hercules. I am in need of parts sources. The motorcycle is a J-Be model K and has a three speed transmission shifted with the left hand grip. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Tue Jul 17 2007
retliredamigo at hotmaildot com
Information on 1976 Hercules 330
1976 Hercules 330 Motor driven cycle
Like to know where can get parts and manual on how it operates. Was given it needing work. Thanks for everthing.
Hamburg, NY

Tue May 15 2007
phantisea at aoldot com
I need some info please!!!!
1965 sachs hercules k50?
Hi all
I need some info reguarding a small motorcycle i have. It was made in 1965 and the name sachs appears on it as well as hercules prior and k50 5gears is printed on it... I was wondering where i can get info and diagrams for it that are in english? Are there any collectors in the us that are willing to help out? Any info I can get will be appreciated...It is an interesting style of bike and id like to tinker around with it..

Tue May 08 2007
marcom2987 at yahoodot com
Hercules KBE Model K
Sachs 125 S
I recently purchased a couple old bikes- one of which is a: Hercules Model K J Be
The plate on the engine says: Fichtel Sachs 7HP Sachs 125S Serial/Model # of 327794. I need some information on this bike and would like to know how rare, and what this bike is worth. Any information you may have will help.

Hercules Model K J Be images

Sun Apr 29 2007
americobor-31 at hotmaildot com
sachs k125s
1974 modelo k125s
gostaria de saber se tem peras e como me porem aqui em portugal pois tenho uma e gostaria de vela a andar falta-me essencialmente o conta kilm.e rotannes escape e um motor ou cambota.
maia, porto

Wed Apr 11 2007
ericpochet at skynet.be
Recherche de pieces
Hercules KBW
Je suis a la recherche de pieces pour ma k125bw de 1979 ,pouvez vous m'aider dans la recherche de sites ou d'adresses en Belgique
 Merci de votre collaboration

Tue Jan 23 2007
jose.baptista.roque at bancobpi.pt
Hercules K 50RX 1971
Can you informe how can i get a model like those above, obviously a used one?

Sat Dec 02 2006
tom.holthe at monet.no
Engine Sachs 50s
Is there anyone out there that can tell me about a hercules motorbike with a 50ccm engine sachs type 50s with not 5 but 6 level gears. What is this engine called on Hercules. Is it possible to buy one today.

Wed Nov 15 2006
jayincanada at hotmaildot com
W2000 Wankel
99% all there, needs TLC & restoration. Any ideas on where to find a buyer? Also have a spare engine and box of seperate parts.
Calgary, Canada

Thu Nov 09 2006
robinmiller8644 at sbcglobal.net
moped hercules
hello.. I bought my son a used moped last week, which is not running. I was told it needed a pitcock? the only # I could find is DECEMBFR1976..can you please help us..thank you

Sat Oct 07 2006
Frank1946 at aoldot com
For Sale
1978 Hercules 175 Enduro
Original owner, 600 miles on speedo, mint, all pieces original, in garage for 30 years now.

Sun Sep 03 2006
gerritkranenberg at kpn-officedsl.nl
F&R Fenders N.O.S.
Sachs (hercules) MC 250 1978
I am looking for my MC 250 Sachs 5 speed for 2 n.o.s. original bleu mudguards f&r Falk made.
who can help!! gr. Gerrit.
NL 6951 Dieren

Sat Aug 05 2006
jokeboy23 at hotmaildot com
Hecules (older model)
I need the 17 pt. sprocket for the chain. Is it possible to get this part?
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tue Apr 18 2006
ptmoore at charter.net
Hercules 103s
I have a 1966 Hercules 103s. I didn't see a photo of one on your site. These cycles are rare in the USA. What is one worth in Europe? I did have it running but it ihas points / spark issues. Thanks

Please try this page for valuations:

Wed Apr 05 2006
madmechanic71 at hotmaildot com
HELP!! need Parts!
78' Hercules GS 175
Hi, i have a hercules enduro and i really like this old bike because its unique, all of my buddies have honda's and Yamaha's and here i am with this vintage Hercules. I am in desperate need of a kick starter gear, any help will be GREATLY appreciated. any leads to parts, contact me any time at 1-913-731-1305, thanks, Clint

Sat Mar 04 2006
mtjoe at montanasky.net
Correction: Hercules K103s
I would be interested in selling my very new looking beleived to be 68 Hercules (almost museum quality) bike.
Call Joe 406-892-7210
US Montana

Sat Mar 04 2006
Hercules bike
I own a beautiful Hercules (no restoration needed). I acquired the bike several years ago.
I only collect old Yamahas flattracks. Will sell this nice bike.
Joe 406-892-7210

Mon Feb 13 2006
si2shu at eurociber.es
intake and exhaust reversed
I've remember seeing one picture of an Hercules engine with the carburator in the upper part of the cilinder and the exhaust downwards it. It is a two stroke engine? how does it work? How does control the time whe the mixture is going to the chamber and the time to let the gases go out?.
Thank you very much innadvance. Good page.

Cheap to good home! Jan 27th 2005
kwelsh at augusthomedot com wrote:
... I've searched for parts for that bike for 30 years and have never turned up anything. I've had lots of leads but all have been dead ends.

I'd just like to sell it or trade it now.

The engine is mostly there, but totally disassembled.
There's no pipe, no cables, but the frame's in great shape.
The tank has a couple little dents in it but otherwise in good shape.

It's a 1960 125 3 speed JB-E model K.

Kent Welsh
Des Moines, Iowa

Fri Jan 13 2006
pedrohechtxela at hotmaildot com
i need info
i need info about a sach/hercules 1959 please send me info gotta restore it

Nov 20th 2005
Perhaps a little late that I encountered your message about the Hercules you got from your father. I bought a Hercules K103S in 1967 and had it for about 2 1/2 years. As you already mentioned, it had 4 gears and 8.2 hp. In that time, there were more small motorcycles of the sort, like the Zundapp KS100, which had the same amout of hp and gears. It costed me 1.495,- Dutch Florins. In Euro's that would be about 775,- I travelled daily from IJsselstein to The Hague (130 km v.v.) and it almost never let me down, which was quite good in those days. Only two times the Hercules quitted service: once the ignition timing had gone wrong, the sparkplug overheated and I made the mistake by not first turning it in by hand. I molested the thread, so the sparkplug punched out. A local blacksmith in the neighbourhood of where it happened fixed it temporarely, so I could get to work. The day after I had a helicoil turned in, which was a very good solution. The sparkplugs were not the usual 14 mm types, but 18 mm. That kind of sparkplugs were also fitted in DKW 2-stroke cars. In that time I was engaged to the wife I'm still married with and we went 2 times on the Hercules on holidays in Switzerland (2.000 kms v.v. per holiday with local trips ). For that occasion I mounted high handlebars; after the holidays the original one was set back.

I also remember that when the ignition timing had gone wrong, the bike drove backwards when I wanted to drive away after kicking it on. In Switzerland some spokes in the rear wheel broke, which I had fixed in Spiess near the "Thuner See" (Lake of Thun). After being returned in the Netherlands, I had all spokes replaced by those that were used in a Puch 250 SGS motorcycle. That bike also had 16" wheels. For that purpose, all the wholes had to be drilled out as those spokes were considerately thicker. The Hercules steered and braked very well. But as I was young and eager in those days, I wanted something new and bought a Puch M125. A nice little bike, about 4 hp more, but it couldn't satisfy me in the way the Hercules did.

All that is nearly 40 years ago; many motorcycles came and nowadays I own a retro styled Kawasaki W650 for four years now. The first time I own a motorcycle that I don't want to trade in after two years. Last time I searched for a Hercules K103S and I found one in my own country. Sadly enough, the owner of the shop died some time before, and his heirs do not seem to have inherate his skills and knowledge of classic motorcycles. They wanted Euro 5.000,- (fivethousand). Of course most of us want to get rich easy, but in this case I begrudged them. (www.classicmotors.nl) In the end I don't think I have told you something essentially new, but hopefully the story adds something to your Hercules experience.
With much regards,
Ron Wimmers, IJsselstein, Netherlands

Sat Nov 19 2005
qelrudyq at hotmaildot com
Hercules Moped
I think I have a 1984 Zweirad Schieler moped. I'm trying to restore it.Here is all info I can see: Front tag-TYP;M2-504...Art;016. Bouj-1984. FAHRGESTELL, 504217168, Zul-GES-Gew; 150KG. Tires-Tube Type-Made in Australia 120X2.251. 2&1/4-16 moped.Max load 210LBS. 37 PSI. I thinkl it is 3 speed. Can you refer me to any source who might have parts? repair manual/anything; Etc. Thanks, old man Rudy

My daughter, Rozanne, had the moped in her antique shop for years. I offered to try to restore it. I asked her for photos due to my computer's shaky on/off again status.

There is considerable information on these machines at http://www.hercules-sachs.com/ Rudy, mostly in German. Also, there are many references to Sachs, Hercules and mopeds in Bikelinks - try searching on each of those terms. Ed.
Sachs-Hercules-Prima-3S 1984 image in the gallery

Sun Oct 02 2005
pam-walsh2001 at yahoodot com
J-be hercules
Need parts for a 1959 J-be hercules k100. toolboxs,fenders, etc. thanks, John Walsh

Mon Aug 29 2005
joesparano at earthlink.net
1st. U.S. Dealer for Hercules
Hi: I was the first U.S. Dealer for Hercules in the U.S.A. My name is Joseph A. Sparano and my cycle shop was New Castle Cycle in New Castle PA .

Thu Aug 11 2005
canada-is-dry-99 at hotmaildot com
250 7 Speed HErcules
HI my father currently owns a 250 7 speed hercules it is a german bike and i was wondering if you guys would no were we can get parts for it becasue we a in the restoratioin point of it because it is really old and i need your help if you cna get back to me at canada-is-dry-99 at hotmaildot com

May 5th 2005
Hercules Wankel 2000
To the person searching for a wiring diagram, try this address:

Thu Apr 28 2005
80malibu327 at frontiernetdot com
1978 hercules enduro
I currently have one of these bikes and i am looking to sell it missing a few parts like seat,airbox ,and rear Brake hardware anyone interested please contact me.
Going cheap to make room in garage for bultaco project Thank you

Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005
subject: Hercules K50RX - 1971 parts
Email: cbant at netcabo.pt
message: Hello,

Im restoring an hercules k50,and in order to complete this task i require the tail lamp,rear mudguard , front mudgard, one pair of knee pads, and one pair of lateral decals,any help woud be appreciated.

Hercules-K50RX-1971 in the gallery.

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005
subject: Hercules 250 7 speed enduro parts
See Sachs Forum

January 21st 2005
subject: hercules parts and bikes
Email: klippersr at shaw.ca
message: Dear sir;
...I have a new headlight,tail light, horn,and misc. engine gaskets for a 125cc,around 72 to 74 Hercules Enduro model. Also a new Sachs wankel lawnmower motor complete and running,( very rare). A friend of mine has a new w2000 with zero miles,never ridden or licensed and not restored, but original. You can restore something a 100 times, but only original once. If anyone interested, contact me.

February 2, 2003
When I was young, in the 1960's, My father had a... 1958 Hercules Model J-Be-K
See Sachs Forum

December 15, 2002
I have a 1959 Hercules 125cc, I found it in a field about 4 years ago...
See Sachs Forum

August 19, 2002
je possnde une moto k100 avec moteur sachs je recherche l'annie de fabrication et les caracteristiques de ce modele je vous envoie une photo merci -- betty.boop16 at infonie.fr

Sheldon's Lame Translation:Hello, I have a Hercules motorcycle K100 with a Sachs engine. I am looking for the year of manufacuter and information on this model. I have attached a photo. Thank you. --  betty.boop16 at infonie.fr

(Photo moved to listing above by Kent Welsh)

June 21, 2002
I have this Belgian militairy specification Hercules Sachs K 125 BW...
See Sachs Forum

June 17, 2002
I own what I think is a 250 cc 7 speed Hercules. Frame number 0002, any info would be helpful. I believe it was built for racing moto cross and raced in the late 70's Thanks -- David-Baskin at billingdot com

February 22, 2002
I just bought a Hercules motorcycle and am unsure of the model or its age...
See Sachs Forum

February 12, 2002
I'm Italian Hercules fan and I'm looking for any model GS from 1967 to 1972
See Sachs Forum

January 3, 2002
I Have an 1954 or 57 Hercules, (I lost the original invoice), but no engine, the bike belonged to my grand father, then to my Dad, and now its mine. The Bike has been in perfect condition, until last month when a badly constructed wall, fall over it ( a shame after so many years), so the reconstruction its gonna be a little bit harder now. Since it does not have an engine, I'll like to get one, I think It was an 123 cc, or a 250, it use to have an electric starter, according to my late Father, So any any information regarding this bike will be greatly appreciated, and if anyone has an appropriate Sachs engine, I'm willing to make a deal. -- Carlos -- csbueno at hotmaildot com

November 27, 2001
Hi folks,
If you are in need on information on the German brand HERCULES or specific information for the the Hercules motorcycles feel free to send us an email. We also invite you to visit our Web page http://www.herculesig.de, where you'll find a lot of information on Hercules and our club.
Best regards
Webmaster Gunther Vogt
Hercules-Interessengemeinschaft fuer Motorraeder und
email: HerculesIG at aoldot com
URL: http://www.herculesig.de

October 18, 2001
Have a Hercules 175 GS enduro model (76-77?)
See Sachs Forum

October 2, 2001
Hello everybody I am an owner of Sachs Hercules 125 in Turkey. I can help about your parts (I think limited) my mechanic has a lot of Sachs Hercules 1970 125 cc 2 stroke. Contact me. -- yigit beser -- yigitunavy at hotmaildot com

September 25, 2001
In need of a picture for color referance of a 1959 Hercules J-Be Model K...
See Sachs Forum

August 4, 2001
Hello everybody
I found your site today by chance and read our questions about Hercules-Bikes. It's a well known brand in Germany. Since approximately 10 Years the Nuernberger-Hercules-Werke didn't no more exist. The Fichtel+Sachs AG bought the licenses. Not at all try the search-engine: http//www.google.de Type in: hercules-motorrad, and you will find many further information etc. I have already my Hercules 50ccm-bike of 1976. Greetings to all owners in the world, in the hope that I could help you. With kind regards:Horst -- Horst.Guss at t-online.de

July 15, 2001
Please help:
I have a 1966 Hercules K103S that I am trying to restore. A source of engine parts and repair manuals would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
John -- klakfamily at erolsdot com

June 19, 2001
I own an Hercules Sachs 175 seven new of factory received in payment of another bike. The color is metal pale blue. The forks are not Hercules, but Ceriani. The year is 1977. It's not reconditioned: is new and PERFECT!! I live in Italian alps, near Austria (100 km. from Lienz). If you're interested, write me. Ciao: Paolo -- querinipao at tiscalinet.it

June 13, 2001
Hello. I am looking to purchase a Hercules W-2000...
See Sachs Forum

June 13, 2001
I have just purchased a Hercules moped with a Sachs motor, and I am having trouble finding out any information about it. ( The last owner didn't know anything about it either). How do I find out what year it is, or the engine size or whether it is compliant with local laws and regulations??? Is there a specific location of a serial number? (I can't locate it ) Is the engine marked in any way as to tell me the size? If any one can help please email me at tiazimon at excitedot com Thank you for your help.

May 29, 2001
I wonder, if you could help us with our Problem. My Son has got a small Motorbike, which is driving slowly for kids aged 15. The name of it is Herkules, Prima 4, but there is a piston from the Spanish Firm Autisa inside, with 2 little metal rings around. One of them is broken, but we have no chance to by such a ring here in Germany. The diameter is 4,25cm. Please, if you can help us, send us 2 of this rings, so we're able, to repair it again. Or you may know somebody, who has got them and will sell it to us. Of course we pay for it. Many thanks for your work about us and sorry the bad English.
many regards -- Gaby Vogel -- ARKANSAS at t-online.de

May 27, 2001
Hi, I have a J-be also that I got when I was about 14 years old...
See Sachs Forum

May 13, 2001
Hello, my name is Mary. In 1997 we bought a Hercules motor scooter...
See Sachs Forum

April 14, 2001
Hi, I have had this 1966 Sachs ...
See Sachs Forum

March 14, 2001
I have a 1976 Hercules with a Sachs engine on it and I am looking to sell it with extra parts but I want a serious buy to get it. Someone that knows its value. If anyone is interested let me know. -- Thanks. --  Wade -- contravene69 at yahoodot com

February 25, 2001
hello My name is Danilo Coto and I have a Hercules 1955 200cc and I need to buy a new engine to my motorcycle, tell me if you now some. best regards, danilo. -- marinesa at racsa.co.cr

February 4, 2001
I have two Boondockers, one is pretty much new, street legal...
See Sachs Forum

January 29, 2001
I've been looking for a Hercules Gs 175 enduro...
See Sachs Forum

January 1, 2001
I have a '67 Hercules Fichtel & Sachs 50cc...
See Sachs Forum

December 23, 2000
I am an Italian collector, I own a Sachs 125 cc 1969 cross country (boondocker)...
See Sachs Forum

December 8, 2000
I search for brochures, spare parts lists, manuals and repair manuals from Hercules K125Bw var. 1 (1970-89). If you can help me with this please mail me. -- Thanks, -- Stijn -- stijn-smekens at hotmaildot com

November 29, 2000
Hello, I have just acquired a rare Hercules scooter, of which Hercules only produced two models, attached are pictures. I am looking for plans for this bike, as well as parts. Does anyone know where I might get the construction plans for this? Is the Hercules company still around? -- Thanks, -- Craig -- cacb at bellatlantic.net

November 3, 2000
Uni-Filter now has replacement filters with cages for 76-78 GS model Hercules. Call them and ask for Lanny. -- CHRIS MCILWAIN -- MXWFO at webtv.net

November 1, 2000
I have a 125 cc bike and i'm searching for an electric diagram for it. It's a Sachs engine, from the Dutch army...
See Sachs Forum

October 29, 2000
RE: Our need for Hercules motorcycles Model 1969 99cc...
See Sachs Forum

October 12, 2000
Please place the following info, on the Herc site: For salesmall collection of 76-78 GS Hercules...
See Sachs Forum

July 16, 2000
What is the value of a '66 Hercules Prior, K-50 with 2,300 miles. Are parts difficult to acquire to get this bike on the road???? Or costly?? At present, the bike is in good condition, but doesn't run. Is it worth the effort to get it running, or to sell as is, and at what asking price? Any info would be appreciated.... -- thanks, -- MK -- Princis63 at aoldot com

May 15, 2002
Hello, I took your address from European Motorcycle Universe dated July 16, 2000. you were asking for a 66 Hercules Prior K-50 price ,etc. I am sending you some photos about a red machine that belongs to an auto museum in Mexico City, I do not know the final designation but its an Hercules Prior moped machine. Some time ago I bought just a frame of a very similar machine, the blue one. and I am trying to restore it, is the same machine that you have ?, or do you have any idea?, do you know where can I find some information about?. Thank you very much in advance. -- Oscar F Ramirez A. -- Mexico. -- ofra-fer at yahoo.com.mx

I live in Belgium and I have a motor bike Hercules K 125 BW...
See Sachs Forum

pi�ces , pistons et bielles pour les moteurs Sachs 7 vitesses Je suis en france et je collectionne les Hercules et Sachs tout terrain a moteur 7 vitesses .Je recherche une adresse en Europe ou je pourrai acheter des
Jean Michel -- Jean-Michel.Gayer at wanadoo.fr

I need parts for my Hercules, pistons and rods for my Sachs 7 speed. I am in France and I collect Herculers and Sachs.

I have a 1965 Hercules motorcycle from wha I can tell it has an 98cc in. I was wondering if you had any info on such a machine???? -- PSMINI at aoldot com

June 4, 2000
I live in Florida and want to buy Hercules dirt bikes, complete or parts bikes. I prefer southeast location so I can pick them up. Ph# (352)383-0946 or E-Mail -- Thank You -- CHRIS MCILWAIN -- MXWFO at webtv.net

June 2, 2000
In 1976 I bought a brand new Hercules Wankel 2000...
See Sachs Forum

May 22, 2000
I currently own a "76" 250 and am interested in finding another...
See Sachs Forum

May 20, 2000
I have purchased a Hercules ex German military dispatch bike..
See Sachs Forum

May 5, 2000
I found your site and fellow Hercules owners after someone turned me onto the Google.com search engine. I was amazed to find Hercules owners in the US...I was beginning to think I was the only one. If I could return the favor I'd like to point out "dictionary.com"

I've had to send e-mails to guys in Germany and Holland. Their English isn't that good my German is worse. Dictionary.com has an area that will TRANSLATE your text...and it works! I can translate my e-mails into German before I send them. And it will translate German (as well as French and Spanish) into English. Perhaps if you could post this to your site it might help with the flow of information.

Richard Heldmann -- Hercules218 at moped.every1.net

April 13, 2000
I recently purchased a 1978 Hercules 175 Enduro. The bike is in very good condition, mechanically sound and runs strong. I'm looking for any information especially model, parts availability, collectability and value. My E-mail address is danaaron at gilmanpaperdot com . Any help would be appreciated. -- Dan Aaron danaaron at gilmanpaperdot com

Here is what I know about the bike...

1978 Hercules 175
6 Speed Enduro
Made in West Germany from 1977 to 1978
Chromoly Frame
Cerrani Forks
Polished Akron Rims
Sachs Motor with Bean Carburetor

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March 23, 2000
Heres a pic of my 1977 GS 250 Hercules as an ice racer, im hoping to turn it back into an enduro soon. -- Bupkas1 at aoldot com

March 6, 2000
Hello folks,
I own 2 Hercules motorcycles KW 125 BM...
See Sachs Forum

February 17, 2000
bonjour je suis un proprietaire de velo-moteur hercule 49,9 cc et j'aimerais savoir si on peut obtenir de l'information et schema du moteur et de l'embrayage -- LUC PICARD -- picardl at progression.net

From Sheldon:
This is the best I can do on translating this:
Hello. I am an owner of bicycle-engine Hercules 49,9 DC and I would like to know if anyone has information or a diagram of the engine and clutch -- LUC PICARD -- picardl at progression.net

This is an English Hercules moped, not a Sachs. Ed

February 14, 2000
I own a 1960 Fichtel & Sachs Hercules 125 that I bought at a garage sale when I was 10 years old. That was 31 years ago, I have tried several times to find out about this bike, (as it is very much a basket case) and had little luck so far.

The frame and leading link front forks are in excellent shape, the engine has been completely dismantled and has been seized at some point in its past. I'm more of dirt bike enthusiast, but I'd love to see this thing restored if possible, if anyone can give me any information about it or directions to someone who can I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance
It was encouraging to find your site.
Kent Welsh
e-mail: Kwelsh at augusthomedot com

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February 2, 2000
re: Hercules GS 250...
See Sachs Forum

November 01, 1999
I have a 125 cc bike and I'm searching for an electric diagram for it. It's a Sachs engine, from the Dutch army...
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October 27, 1999
I have a 1958 Hercules J-Be that my dad bought new in East Lansing Michigan...
See Sachs Forum

Information needed for Sachs Gruppe An 89 scooter built in west Germany by Nurnberger Hercules -- Wreck Gmbh -- SCSDavid at aoldot com

December 15, 1998
Sachs produced a large number of 7 speed enduro bikes in the mid to late 1970s sold under the Hercules name in the U.S.
I have had the priviledge to own several of these since 1980. I have many hundreds of hours of trouble free off roading, including some motocross use, on my first Hercules 250. I still have three of them at this time.

A little known fact is that Sachs built a small number of motocross models based on the 7 speed engine, but with a 5 speed gearbox instead. These were made in very small quantities and sold under the Sachs name in late 1978 to early 1979. They have a little over 10" of suspension travel front and rear. The color was blue with a silver frame. Sachs saw fit to equip them with a floating rear brake, light weight frame, and a large still air box which are some of the differences that set them apart from the enduro models. As a matter of fact, the motocross bike is an entirely different bike.

After a fifteen year search, I was finally able to find one for sale. It was from a wrecking yard and in pretty bad shape, but most of the major components are there. I would very much like to talk with someone who owns or has owned one. I am looking for a source of parts, new or used. Attached is a picture of a piece of dealer sales literature for them.

Mark Correll
Email: mcorrell at rrmobiledot com

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