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Hercules 1950-1959

1949 Model 211, 98cc Sachs
1950 Model 212, 98cc Sachs
1951 Model 314, 175cc JLO
1952 Model 317, 200cc JLO
1952 Model 318, 250cc JLO Twin
1952 Model 319, 175cc Sachs
1954 Model 320, 175cc Sachs
1954 Model 322, 250cc JLO-Twin
1955 250cc Model 322 Twin
1955 200cc Model 321 JLO
1955 175cc Model 320
1955 150cc Model 313
1955 98cc Model 316 Sachs
1956 K 100
1956 K 175
1959 K 101, 98cc
1959 K 175 S

The 322 was the premium Hercules model until 1959. The same JLO twin cylinder engine was fitted to many other machines including Dutch, Swiss, Belgian and Scandinavian.

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Sunday April 9th 2017
Message posted to fb.com/classic.motorcycles
Hello, sorry for my German, but only a few understand German. I'm from Czech Republic Brno. Please give on the motorcycle Hercules 250/322 manufacturing year 1955. I am interested in the number of units that produced 322. The rear fender is made to mark the anniversary of 50 brands of Hercules. The bike is an original in its original state. What is the value of the machine?
Thank you very much for your information.

Sincerely Pešek Vladimír Brno Czech Republic.

Translated from German.

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