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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Kirchheim & Co. of Magdeburg, 1921~1924


from 1921: Nachtweide 89 , Magdeburg-Neustadt
from 1923: Walmbergsweg 21 , Magdeburg-Sudenburg (today Zuckerstraße)
from 1926: Alt Fermersleben No. 72.73

The firm built a variety of models, among them 100cc two-stroke powered bicycles, 250cc longitudinal HO twins, and according to at least one source, a scooter.

For 1923 they advertised a 3 P.S. Motorräder, a 1.4 P.S. Leichtkraftrader, and a 1.4 P.S Hilfsmotor.

Founded by Karl Kirchheim in 1920/1921 in partnership with Ferdinand Schlegel. The company went public in 1923, but with the country ravaged by hyperinflation, the IPO failed in 1924. Schlegel left the company in October that year, and there is no further evidence of motorcycle manufacture.

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