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A Brief History of the Marque

Fritz Kramer of Laubus-Eschbach ran a motorcycle business established by his father in Laubus-Eschbach, Hesse, and was very active in motocross and enduro. Having campaigned and sold DKW, the firm then took up with Maico and their successful competition machines became known as Kramer-Maico, of which some 50 to 80 were produced in the years 1975-76.

In 1977 they began producing Rotax-powered machines under the Kramer brand and were immediately successful, most of them being sold in France where they had an enthusiastic importer. In 1980 Kramer hit financial difficulties and folded due, it is said, to non-payment by the French importer.

A new company was formed in Italy initially named Kramer Italia and from 1982 Kram-It. At that stage the firm became totally Italian with the exception of the engine which Rotax still supplied.

Peter Heuser, an importer and distributor, purchased the remnants of the German Kramer concern and attempted to re-establish the marque in the mid-1980s, with disastrous consequences. Facing financial ruin, he committed suicide.

The last of the many owners of the Kramer brand is believed to be Reinhard Hallat, in the late 1990s.

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