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A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Kram-It was established towards the end of the 1970s by Fritz Kramer of Germany, and was initially named Kramer Italia.

Their production models were almost all fuoristradistici (offroad, enduro). In the 1980s the company moved to Gazzaniga in the province of Bergamo and continued to produce machines using engines from Minarelli and Rotax of 50 to 300cc.

Kram-It created the brand HRD. HRD Motor, no association with famous English marque, was established in 1980 and the abbreviation means Happy Red Devils. These were fast and elegant 125cc road machine models named White, Red and Silver Horse. .

In the second half of the eighties the company moved from Busto Arsizio in Varese to San Vittore Olona on the other side of Legnano, but financial difficulties cause the end of the motorcycling adventure and the brand was acquired by Kram-It.

These brands are recognized by the Engineering Group of Exy Related Categories in Alessandria province that produced motocross and enduro.

The subsequent history of Kram-It is linked to that of the HRD.

Sources: Moto di Lombardia

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Buenas tardes soy Carlos, acabo de comprar una KRAM-IT rv3 300, no conozco nada de esta moto, en España no he podido encontrar ninguna moto y tampoco información, me gustaría saber si existen manuales técnicos, recambios, y si es rentable restaurarla, no conozco su valor economico. agaradezco cualquier comentario. un saludo
Good afternoon, I'm Carlos, I just bought a KRAM-IT rv3 300, I don't know anything about this motorcycle, in Spain I have not been able to find any motorcycle or information, I would like to know if there are technical manuals, spare parts, and if it is profitable to restore it, I do not know its economic value. I welcome any comments and information. a greeting
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