Today in Motorcycle History

Oakleigh Motorcycles and Sidecars

65a Rosendale Road West Dulwich, est. 1890.

The firm produced motorcycles from 1910 to 1914, along with quite attractive sidecars.

1910 The first machines had a 3¾ hp single or 5hp V-twin Peugeot engine, direct-belt drive and a spring frame with sprung forks.

1911 The specification changed, to use a 4½ hp JAP engine in a rigid frame, or V-twins of the same make of 6hp, 7hp or 8hp.

In 1913 they built LAD cyclecars.

1914 Only a 3½ hp JAP single was available. The make then became one of the many casualties of World War I.

Production of the LAD cyclecars resumed in 1923 and continued until 1926 under the auspices of the L.A.D. Manufacturing Co of Lower Bourne, Farnham.

Sources: Graces Guide; contemporary literature.

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