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L.A.D. Scooters

L.A.D. 1919 Scooter

The L.A.D. scooter, embodying an Auto-wheel.


WITH the main object of converting Auto-wheels into motor scooters, a new company, L.A.D. Scooters, has been formed, with works at Lower Bourne, Farnham.

As will be seen from the illustration, the frame, which is registered, is of the open type with platform, and is fitted with a small wheel at the front, but in future models a larger size wheel will be fitted, probably of the saine size as the rear Auto-wheel. The standard frame of the Auto-wheel appears to be used, but a rim brake is fitted to the wheel rim. The price for the complete scooter is £39. Fitted with a thoroughly overhauled second-hand Auto-wheel, the figure is £25. The company is prepared to build up customers' own Auto-wheels.

The Motor Cycle July 17th, 1919.

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