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Founded in Blackpool in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Co by two motorcycle enthusiasts, William Lyons and William Walmsley, the firm moved to Coventry in 1928. In 1933 the firm was renamed S.S. Cars - not a great choice, as it turned out. Later the firm became Jaguar.

The Swallow name returned after the war as Swallow Coachbuilding Co in Staffordshire. They continued to build sidecars and also built the Gadabout scooter.

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On 22-May-24
skennedy at ecentral dot com
Swallow Sidecars
Hi, Yours is the only email I could find on the [] site.
Any idea who I might contact to see if anyone knows if the Swallow Sidecars came with any kind of tool kit?
There must have been something to help an owner attach it to the bike.
Steve Kennedy
Denver, Colorado, USA
    There is no mention of a toolkit in any of the catalogues examined, but it seems highly likely that the firm would have made them available. There are sites which cater specifically to classic sidecars - possibly try a search on something like "sidecar clubs". Ed.

chrissandrabecky at aol.com
Triumph Thunderbird 6T 1961 + JET 80 SIDECAR
Has anybody got a manual about this sidecar + fitting and removing from british bike/
Regards chris johnson

    Triumph-1961-Thunderbird-6T-Jet-80-CJo images posted to Comments

denis.malene at bigpond.com
could you please tell me if I can buy parts for this engine in Australia or anywhere? thank you
The motor is out of a Gadabout scooter (the same as the English police used 1950's) It's a 9D engine . Engine number is 641/42741.
Cheers Denis
Gin Gin , Queensland Australia

allan.burgess684 at btinternet.com
1951 Swallow Jet 80 on a 1951 Ariel Sq4
I restored this outfit 12 years ago. unfortunately the original isolastic suspension on the sidecar has given way I have tried to get it ? [The suspension ] repaired at a company in Haslingdon Bury North Manchester, the adhesive bond failed, they have tried a couple of times without success. I need to find someone who can do this work. can you Point me in the right Direction Please.
Allan Burgess
sam138 at live.co.uk
I am looking for a...swallow sidecars jet 80 advert ?
sam anderson
United Kingdom
Scroll down...

Fri Jul 07 2017
inkeo904 at glow.sch.uk
Owners manual
Swallow Jet 80 from the 1950s
Hi we are looking for an owners manual and a parts list for our new project.

Fri Feb 12 2016
chris.reynolds at ozpad.co.uk
Sidecar water seals?
Swallow Jet 80
I am resoring a steel-bodied Jet 80 sidecar to go on my Ariel VB. What puzzles me is the openings into the rear of the body where the torsion springing bar projects outward to meet the loop chassis rail. These openings are quite large in order to accommodate vertical body movement but what stops water from entering and rusting out the bottom of the sidecar?
Cambridge U.K.

Tue May 26 2015
joel.schwaenen at yahoo.fr
swallow sidecar n°L206
BMW R80RT /7
hello, i just bought a Swallow sidecar serial number L206. i try to fit it on my BMW r80RT /7. It's very hard to do. Is anybody get a "user guide" or a pictured document to fit the Swallow on my motorbike. Also , who can tell me more about these side?
Gosselies Belgium

Sat May 03 2014
malcolm.humphries at blueyonder.co.uk
Swallow Sidecar saught for display on 28/06/14 in UK
Swallow Sidecar (1920's)
Does anyone own a Swallow Sidecar from the 20's and is willing to display in a timeline of Jaguar related vehicles, 28/06/14 at the Coventry Transport Museum, UK?
Coventry, UK

Wed Nov 13 2013
swallow sidecars
Swallow sidecar jet 80
I have since been able to have a knock-off type hub nut made for my Jet 80. if anyone else out there needs one let me know. We have the pattern now. Soon my swallow will be restored on mounted on my 1952 T-Bird.


Tue Aug 30 2011
guzzigal<at>aoldot com
Wheel Nut
swallow jet 80
I need to find a wheel nut for my rig. I need a picture of a complete nut with the wings on it so I can duplicate it if possible. Thanks....Tim

Tue Nov 23 2010
davidpagets<at>aoldot com
swallow harvard
i have a big four with a incompleat swallow havard side car ,can you tell me what it should look like. pictuers would be good

Fri Sep 04 2009
kal at kirkledot com
Triumph Speed Twin Swallow Jet 80
I have a triumph speed twin with attached swallow jet 80 sidecar.  I believe it was made in 1952 or 1953. Any suggestions as to how I might identify the year of manufacture?

Tue Jul 28 2009
ian.southam at oxfordshire.gov.uk

Swallow Sidecar
Hi I have a Swallow sidecar chassis that looks like it originally came from a 1930's bike
The only identifying marks is on the hub cap where it says SWALLOW then 'velvet chassis' Any info would be appreciated. It is for sale if anyone is interested as it won't fit my old BSA without a lot modification

Fri Jul 10 2009
boscocrowleys at skydot com
Swallow Sidecars
Swallow 204
I have a 1949 Swallow Side car Model 204 Tourer Deluxe. Can you tell me where to get any information about it. I have had it since 1970 on a BSA M 21. It was last taxed in 1975 and needs a lot of restoration. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.
Best Wishes
Adrian Crowley

Wed Feb 20 2008
bendilmore at gmaildot com
any see message
im really just looking for the actual hood ornament of the bird that went on these side cars. are they still available?? thanks for your time!
-ben dilmore
south carolina USA

Sun Jun 05 2005
skennedy at ecentraldot com
Swallow Sidecars in Book
Hi, I have recently completed a book about Jaguars. It includes photos of, I believe, all 22 Swallow Sidecars. How can I inform your members and hopefully get them interested in a copy of my book, Jaguar, The Classic Marque?
Steve Kennedy

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