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Dunelt Motorcycles 1922

Dunelt sidecar outfit 1922

Externally the utility Dunelt sidecar outfit differs little from last year's model; simplicity is a great feature of this machine.

Dunelt engine details 1922

L. A new type of big end is fitted lo the £100 Dunelt. The connecting rod is. threaded over the crankshaft; the rollers are inserted through a groove and retained by riveted plates, the balance weights being bolted to the crankshaft after assembly.
R. Relieved sides are a feature of the latest type of Dunelt piston; this construction leaves slipper surfaces on the thrust sides


Revised Dunelt Model.

AFTER seven months' hard work on last year's standard model Dunelt, we were thoroughly satisfied with the performance of the big two-stroke for all-round sidecar work, and consequently it was of peculiar interest to us to take over the new £100 model for a road test during the past week. The only noticeable change from the earlier model is that interchangeable wheels are no longer fitted, though all wheels are quickly detachable, and our road experience showed that the latest £100 model is an improvement rather than otherwise on the type which we possessed.

In the power unit, the only material alteration is that the split roller big end has been discarded in favour of a single row race threaded over the solid crankshaft, the balance weights being attached after the big end unit has been assembled. In addition to this the piston has been modified to some extent, the sides being relieved for practically the full length of the working piston, leaving a kind of slipper upon the working surfaces only.

The extreme simplicity of this big two-stroke outfit is exactly what is required by the comparative novice, and there is little that can possibly go wrong. The 85x88 mm. two-stroke engine with its double diameter piston shows no signs of overheating under normal use, and the machine is extremely comfortable to ride. Long wheelbase and special design of fork minimise road shocks to a great degree; comfort also is a feature of the sidecar, which has a long and roomy body with a large locker at the rear capable of containing a two-gallon can of petrol in addition to quite a reasonable amount of luggage.

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