Dunelt Motorcycles

Dunelt 500cc Twostrokes 1923

The Olympia Show, 1922

DUNELT. (Stand 166.)

Big Single Two-Strokes.

4 H.P. Model.

  • 85x88 mm. (499 c.c.); single cyl. two-stroke; drip-feed lubrication; Amac carb.; chain-driven mag.; 3-speed gear; clutch and kick-starter; chain drive; 26x2½in. tyres. Price; Solo, £75; with Sidecar, £89 10s.

DUNFORD AND ELLIOT (SHEFFIELD), Ltd., Bath street, Birmingham.

The Dunelt is the only big single-cylinder machine which employs a two-stroke engine, and even in the two-stroke world it is distinctive because it has a double diameter piston. The cylinder is placed at an angle, thus allowing the tank to slope to a lower point at the rear, and also bringing the saddle position lower. One solo machine is shown of touring type with handlebars of black finish, wide mudguards, and the tools in their leather case protected by a metal strengthening box. The other three examples on the stand all have sidecars, and beyond this addition do not differ from the solo mount to any extent. One is shown completely equipped with a celluloid windscreen of large size clipped to the handle-bars, which should be remarkably effective, extra leg guards for the rider, a shield for the sidecar, and a gear-driven speedometer bolted to the handlebars. Two of the sidecar machines, however, have final belt drive, and one has an all-chain transmission; with sidecar it is listed at the very reasonable price of £95.

Olympia Show 1922
The Motor Cycle, November 30th, 1922. Page 835