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Dunelt Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Made in Great Britain 1919-1956
Dunelt takes its name from its founders, Dunford and Elliot, who began production of motorcycles in Birmingham in 1919. Their machines were fitted with a variety of two- and four-stroke motors from proprietory manufacturers including Sturmey-Archer, Villiers and JAP. Although not well known for their sporting sucessess, they performed well at the Isle of Man winning the 1930 Maudes Trophy, having travelled over 13,000 miles in 16 days at an average speed of just under 35mph.

In the mid-1930s the 500cc machines were sold in the Netherlands under the New Rapid brand. The Meijer company probably bought some of the factory stock when Dunelt closed in 1935, as the New Rapid JAP machines were still being marketed in 1936.

More Dunelt History

Excerpt from a report on the Motor Cycle Show of November 1924:

The outstanding exhibit of this company's products is undoubtedly the new sporting solo model. The engine follows the usual Dunelt design, except that several modifications have been introduced in order to reduce its over-all height. It has been found, for example, possible to shorten the connecting rod without any untoward effect. The cylinder head is aluminium, being clamped in position by three bolts hinged to the crank case; it is therefore quickly detachable. The double-diameter piston is of aluminium with bronze gudgeon pin bosses. The engine is housed in a sloping position in a neat and rigid frame. The tank is split vertically on the centre line, the halves being bolted underneath and held together on top by a line of vertically disposed screws.

Dunford & Elliott (Sheffield), Ltd., Bath Street, Birmingham."

Extract from a report on the 1926 Olympia Show in Motor Sport Magazine The only other big two-stroke is, of course, the Dunelt, with its well known truncated piston system. This machine, apart from minor improvements, remains practically unaltered for 1927. It will be remembered that one of these models performed extraordinarily well in the last sidecar T.T. Messrs. Dunford and Elliott are also showing a super-sports model of the 250 c.c. lightweight which has a remarkably high performance. The prices of these two models are 09 10s. and £38 10s. respectively.

From Sports Mounts for 1928 in Motor Sport Magazine

Dunelts have made a name for themselves as sports machines, performing with great consistency on road and track. The 250 c.c. model holds several world's records, which proves that this supercharged two-stroke is definitely in the sports class. Model K Sports de Luxe 249 c.c. is priced at 238 10s.

Dunelt won the Maudes Trophy in 1929, making a run of 25,000 miles.


Difficult Course Traversed.

Awarded annually for the most outstanding motor-cycle performance during each succsssive year, has been awarded for 1929 to the Dunelt machine for its 25,000 miles record, made early last year.

This distance was covered in 23 days, averaging 1,030 miles daily, at a speed of 45 miles per hour. The machine was picked from stock by the Auto Cycle Union of Great Britain, and the run was made on the Monthlery track in France. During the first 12 hours the machine covered 552 1/2 miles, and at the end of 24 tours 1,107 miles, averaging 46 m.p.h. Day after day the the machine ran continuously, stops just being sufficient for petrol and oil refilling. These varied from two seconds to four and & half minutes, according to requirements. In the first day and a half run the only mechanical work was the adjustment of a tappet.

No illumination was on the track, and the competitors relied entirely on a six-volt lighting set as supplied on the machine.

Newspaper article South Australia 1929 - http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/29003473

Across the Sahara

"Another strenuous journey was that of Messrs. Moore and Whitaker, who crossed the Libyan Desert from Cairo to Siwa and back on two 499 c.c. Dunelt sidecar outfits. The riders en- countered frequent sandstorms and rain- storms, and so heavy was the going in some of the deep sand that of the 1200 miles 600 had to be covered in middle gear and 100 in low. That these hardships alone did not cause the failure of the expedition is striking testimony to the efficient cooling of the engine and the sound transmission."

1926 Dunelt Models

  • Model K 250cc Twostroke, external flywheel, "supercharger" type.
    Model G 5hp, solo and combination models
    Modle H - three combination models offered
    Super Sports model

1929 Dunelt Models

  • Model K 250cc
    Model T 250cc OHC
    Montlhery Model 350cc OHV
    Model S 500cc

The 1930 Dunelt Range includes:

  • Camshaft 250cc Model T
  • Montlhery Model 348cc OHV
  • Model SD 496cc OHV
  • Model S 496cc
  • Model K 249cc
  • Model K Royal De Luxe 249cc

More Dunelt History

annmalcolm a t blueyonder.co.uk
dunelt model"K" 250
Hello I am currently restoring one of the above and am in need of a front wheel complete or a front hub and brake
Malcolm Collinswood

vavoom58 at gmail.com
1960 bicycle
Im looking at the Dunelt Sheffield 107x 153 decal ...is that something I can purchase?
Id like that for my Dunelt bicycle downtube please.
Karen Ryan
United States Colorado

Fri Mar 10 2017
annmalcolm at blueyonder.co.uk
Front wheel
Dunelt "K" 250
I am searching for a front wheel hub complete with brake

Tue Sep 01 2015
scibortankmk7 at ntlworld.com
Pillion seat
Dunelt K
Was the rear seat on the cycle an option or 'home' produced?

Samuel Pritty on bike - original image title. Dunelt-1926c-Model-K-Combination

  • Possibly a 1929 model. It has electric lighting which was fitted std in 1928, and a flat tank which was changed to saddle tank in 1930 or 31. The pillion seat appears to be a modified aftermarket or optional Dunelt unit. A similar seat is fitted to another of the Dunelt motorcycles in the gallery. Ed.

    I think the seat may be one of these: Tan-Sad

Tue Jul 26 2011

I also saw n311 in nicosia cyprus in 2011. merv
bournemouth dorset

Thu Nov 19 2009
harley.gibson at gmail dot com
Pic of Dunelt combination
Dunelt Please advise
My stepson's great grandparent's are sitting on the very same Dunelt as shown in your pic, I'm trying to date my photograph. Do you have a date with your pic or can you identify the year and model of Dunelt? Thanks
Cape Town

Mon Oct 05 2009
normanreinhardt at gmail dot com
A photo for your website
Dunelt Montlhery 350cc.
Here is a photo you may add in the "Dunelt" section of your site.
Dunelt Montlhery 350cc.
I am looking for several parts for my project. Anyone can assist?
Calgary, Canada

Wed Sep 30 2009
pic.ka.pocket at hotmail.co.uk
RE ; saw this on cyprus
saw this in a shop in nicosia on cyprus. September this year It was ,as you can see lovly ..Hope you like

Tue Feb 24 2009
annmalcolm at blueyonder.co.uk
Dunelt 250 K 1926
I am in the process of rebuilding this bike but I can`t decide on the colour of the tank, red or black, tank transfers also a problem Try this page for decals:

Mon Jun 19 2006
norman at reinhardt.ws (bounced)
Query about Dunelt restoration project.
1930 Dunelt Montlhery
I would like to find out exactly which magneto and generator were fitted to this model? Also which speedometer exactly? and... do you know of anyone with these particular spares for sale?

Tue Feb 07 2006
mallenmarco at aol dot com
Hi my name is mark
one of my freinds is the grandson of elliot one of the founders of dunelt
I am trying to trace any dunelt bikes still in the uk as ian elliot has never seen one and i would love to arrange for hom to see one as a surprise
rutland uk


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