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Meijer Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

The bicycle firm's first motorcycles appeared in 1908 with a distinctive woven read saddle. In 1931 they offered a variety of models under the None Better marque, all of which were re-badged British machines from Wolf and Sun. The name was changed in 1931 to New Rapid, and Dunelt motorcycles were added to the range. The name was changed back to Meijer for 1934, and reverted to New Rapid the following year. That year the Sun models were dropped and AJW models appeared. It is likely that Meijer bought the Dunelt stock when they closed in 1935 as New Rapid motorcycles were still marketed in 1936, the year Meijer withdrew from the motorcycle trade.

New Rapid
Manufactured in West Amsterdam by P.J. Meijer from 1933 to 1936, these machines included models powered by 98cc, 196cc and 346cc Villiers engines, along with 500cc OHV JAP engines in single-port and twin-port configurations. The two-strokes had hand change and the four-strokes had foot change. The were all re-badged British motorcycles.

There was a New Rapid built by the English in the early 1900s - New Rapid.

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