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Motorcycles Manufactured 1933-1938

Favorit Seitenwaqen und Fahrzeuqbau GmbH. Berlin-Baumschulenweg, Bodelschwinghstr. 22 24 - Fernruf: F 3 Oberspree 1018

Primarily a sidecar manufacturer, the Berlin company produced motorcycles powered by the 996cc JAP v-twin, and later built Leicht-Motorrad and Volksmotorrad (lightweights) with 98cc and 123cc Sachs engines.

There may be a relationship with EBS of Berlin.

Sources: Tragatsch p133, period advertising,

18-May-2021 fabio5551 at
Favorit typ 120 - 1938
Good day, I am searching information about this motorcycle, a favorit typ 120, since I own one, can you help me? Thank you very much!
Fabio Tosolini
Udine, Italia

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