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EBS Motorcycles

Manufactured by Ernst Bauermeister & Söhne, Berlin, 1924-1930 (or '31)
Berlin-Baumschulenweg, Behringstrasse 50-56.

First presented at the Berlin Motor Show of 1924, a larger range followed at the 1925 show.

Single cylinder motorcycles of 198cc to 496cc and a 796cc side-valve V-twin were produced with engines of their own design. In 1928 they released a machine with a 198cc Villiers engine. EBS also built commercial 3-wheelers (Transportdreirad). Models were LR200, LR250, LR350, LR400 and LR750, the model designation indicating the engine capacity. They had pressed-metal frames and cardan-shaft drive.

The EBS 198cc four-stroke engine (70x60 b/s) appears to be the same unit fitted to Defa, Charlet, Gruhn, Cambra and others. It is possible that the EBS 200 engine was actually built by Richard Gruhn.

N.B. An Austrian official record indicates that an EBS was first registered in 1920; however, most sources give production dates of 1924-1930.

Hannes Denzel writes:
"A thesis which, however, is opposed to the fact that according to the original number plate CII 727, which is still preserved, it can be proven that this machine was registered in 1920 as the 2727th motor vehicle in Upper Austria."

Sources: Tragatsch p124;; Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive.

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