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VAL Sidecars and Cyclecars


Manufactured by V.A.L. Motor Co of 314 Bradford Street, Birmingham

The company produced sidecars, and in 1913-14 built cyclecars.

A report from the Olympia Show of November 1913 describes two models:
8 h.p. Model: 85x85 mm.; V twin-cylinder, 964 c.c., a two-seater.
85 x 88 mm. Green-Precision, 499 c.c. solo seat.

The page on Precision engines states that these were supplied to V.A.L.

Sources:, The Motor Cycle.

V.A.L. In the V.A.L. sidecar the front of the body is supported from the chassis on a couple of plain helical springs in much the same manner as the Calthorpe, but in the rear quite an individual form of suspension is adopted. Some details of this are shown in the sketch (not posted). The chassis is a perfectly rigid affair, and on the axle tube is mounted a tubular frame, which is free to swing up and down on bearings. This frame is connected to an arm supported by the chassis through a coiled spring at each aide. This arrangement no doubt effects a considerable reduction in weight and certainly makes a very neat and satisfactory construction.

The Motor Cycle, August 6th, 1914. p183

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