Today in Motorcycle History


Grose-Spur were motorcycles produced during 1916 for a dealer named James Grose of London.

Despite the Great War, the public could still purchase motorcycles for private use in 1916. These machines were very simple in construction, thus minimizing the use of materials and machine cost.

This dealer bought in motorcycles from several manufacturers and they were fitted with a 123cc Villiers or 318cc two-stroke Dalm engine and belt final-drive. He then applied his own label. The machines were built by Carlton and also by Clement

In 1946 there is an advertisement for James Grose Ltd of 379 Euston Road, Gt. Portland St., London NW1 which reads "...largest selection of Accessories, Cycles, Auto Cycles, Motor Cycles..."

In 1928 and 1931 George Grose of 8 New Bridge Street, Ludgate Circus, London (and later also of Finchley) advertised Spur bicycles, in 1936 Cyc-Auto mopeds, and after the second war they sold Wabo scooters which were built in the Netherlands.

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