Sarolea Motorcycles

Sarolea 1939 Models

Text from "Moto Vision", 1939 Salon (English Translation). Images from Belgian and German catalogues.

Sarolea 39 LW 125 cc.

Sarolea 39 AS 350 cc.

The 39 AS 350cc side valves, a popular machine at a popular price, but of a perfect design and an indisputable chic. Weighing only 125 kg, it is capable of lively performances. It features a three-speed gearbox, controlled by the long direct lever, 3.25 tires and a black finish with blue stripes.

Sarolea 39 ASL 350 cc.

The 39 ASL is a luxury edition of the previous one. Here, rims, handlebars and silencers are chrome. The tires are 3.50 balloons and the gearbox is controlled by the selector.

Sarolea 39 A 350 cc.

The 39 A is the 350 cc Classic side, with 4-speed gearbox, 15 liter tank, 180 mm brake drum, duplex primary chain, side stands. It weighs a little heavier than the previous ones, 140 kilos.

Sarolea 39 T5 500 cc. and Sarolea 39 T6 600 cc.

The 39 T5 and T6 are the 500cc side valve models. And 600cc. Respectively. Both have aluminum heads. The 39T5 still stands out from the previous 500 cc. With side valves by the addition of direct lubrication of the valves by spraying oil from the flywheels, a system tested on the other Saroléas with side valves and which, in the experience, proved to be absolutely essential.

Sarolea 39 B 350 cc.

The 39 B is the 350 cc. Monotube with overhead valves, the perfect expression of the sports machine. Like the other Saroleas with overhead valves, it has been improved this year by the use of a rubber saddle which will be highly appreciated by sports enthusiasts.