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Sarolea Motorcycles

Manufactured 1900-1956, 1957-1963, 2008-2024
84 Rue St Lambert, Herstal (Belgique)

The firm was established by Joseph Saroléa in 1850 at Herstal (Liege) as an arms factory, and bicycle production began in 1892.

Two years later Joseph died and his widow and sons assumed management. The firm thrived and early in 1901 the first Sarolea motorised bicycle was built, with an engine designed by Martin Fagard (who went on to become chief engineer). The following year Fagard won the Belgian championship aboard one of these motor bicycles, and in 1903 sales of racing machines to Italy commence, with Maffeis winning the daunting Susa-Mont Cenis event.

Saroléa was soon well established in the market and by 1907 the firm employed around 200 staff working in a factory of 4000 square metres.

Both singles and V-twin engines were constructed, and these were supplied engines to a number of firms in several countries. Complete Saroléa machines were sold in Great Britain under the Kerry brand.

Saroléa used a variety of British components including AMAC carburettors and Sturmey Archer gearboxes, the latter replaced with Sarolea boxes in 1927.

During the 1920s and 30s the firm was involved in competition events including reliability trials and hill climbs, fielding OHV machines which proved both succesful and popular.

Postwar, the firm survived until 1957 when it joined forces with FN and Gillet-Herstal. Sarolea-badged machines continued to appear until 1963, at which time the company was taken over by Gillet and Sarolea machines were no longer marketed.

Some Sarolea mopeds used HMW engines.
Other manufacturers using Sarolea engines include:

Model information may be found at JLB Creations

Sarolea in the 21st Century

In 2008 a new firm was created to build electric motorcycles, and in 2014 the Saroléa SP7 electric superbike was announced at the Mettet circuit in Belgium. The machine is said to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 2.8 seconds, and to achieve 250 kph at full gallop. They achieved a 4th place in class at the 2014 Isle of Man, just a nose behind the 3rd place winner. Their machines were featured on the Bridgestone display at the 2016 Milan EICMA.

More Sarolea History

gabor_somogyi at hotmail dot com
Dear Sir or Madam,
this pic was taken in the 30’s in Germany. Would you know the brand of themotorcycle?
Gabor Somogyi
    The motorcycle is a Sarolea 23S 500cc Supersport, 1928. Ed.
    Image posted to Comments.

info at toongroen dot nl
It is not a Givaudan but a Sarolea. This is the one.
See poster about Sarolea.
Even Prins Albert has been driving it!
So it is a Sarolea Modell 1905 with 5 H.P. and 2 cylinders, i think 616 cc.
Glad I finaly found it. Nice bike.
I wil try to add this in my comment with Givaudan.
Happy holidays and healthy 2024 !
Toon Groen

jaana.valkama at
Sarolea P25 year 1928 or 1929, engine and gear box number is P25 27532
Hello, I have nice project Sarolea P25 year model 1928-1929. I have one question, I like to get correct information if this model have "flat tank" ? I will be very grateful if you could answer to my question. Can somebody answer quite quickly ! Thank you, Best regards Jorma Niemi from Finland
Image posted to Comments.

hubert.rauch at
Sarolea 25 O 1929
Anybody an idea about head lamp for my Sareola?
thanks hubert
hubert rauch
antiques at
1947 Sarolea
Fresh from Estate, can we confirm year and any idea of value in running original condition
Charles Chiarchiaro
Maine USA

Can discern little from image received.
See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices
Image posted to Comments.

Thu, 21 Dec 2017
niels_steverink at
Sarolea Rubino 1955

I have bought a Sarolea bases on a Fn Rubino bike from around the 1950ss. I do have an engine number but no frame number or have found any way to link an engine number to a frame number. Is there any way I can do so or an archive where I can find sarolea frame numbers? Best regards, Niels
Niels Jan Steverink
Sliedrecht Netherlands

This page may be of assistance. I'll update it with more information as it comes to hand.
Serial Numbers: Engine Numbers and Frame Numbers

Wed Jul 12 2017
stuartgillbrown4 at
Ignition timing
sarolea Oiseau Bleu
I am trying to find the ignition timing setting for a 123cc Bluebird.
Do you know of anyone who might be able to tell me this please?

No information at present, sorry. Best bet would be one of the French clubs. Ed.

Tue Feb 03 2015
sarolea at
Sarolea parts
Sarolea 38h
I am looking for Sarolea 38H: engine, transmission, fuel tank, fenders, wheels.
Thank you for your help.

Tue Oct 07 2014
estacion at
Manolo Jordan
sarolea 37S
Necesito un juego completo de calcomanias para la sarolea 37S,gracias
valencia (españa)

Sat Dec 28 2013
Sarolea parts
Sarolea 500 SuperSport 1934
Parts wanted for Sarolea 500cc 1934.
Carburettor Amal 76/022
Chocke lever
Fuel tank cap
Exhaust system<
Gearbox or sprocket for the kickstarter

Fri Dec 13 2013
Sarolea 24U
I'm searching a cylindre hesd for my sarolea 24U from 1929.

Tue Jan 29 2013
sarolea 600
Hi ,
A friend of mine is looking for some Sarolea parts.front engine fittings to the frame etc.I look forward to ANY contact impatiently

Sat Sep 01 2012
Sarolea Lizensnachbau 350cc Motorreihe "25"
hallo, dieses seint ein Lizensnachbau der Sarolea-Motores zu sein! Typ 25P oder 25O oder etwas ähnliches.
Grüße Martin

Wed Aug 15 2012
24 U 24 U, 1929
Guten Abend, können Sie einen Lieferanten für einen Zylinderkopf (auch ohne Ventile) mitteilen?
Vielen Dank
Christoph Missy
66450 Bexbach

Fri Jun 29 2012
light.diodes<at>gmaildot com
Sarolea engine block for sale
Sarolea 25P
Hi, I have a Sarolea 25P engine block (carters, piston, cam and so on) + horex regine cylinder and cylinder head. Please contact me

Sun May 20 2012
1950 estafette 400
i search original the original odometer for sarolea estafette 400

Fri Apr 06 2012
Sarolea 600cc T6 1952
I have a complete Sarole 600cc 1952 T6 to sell.
It is in pices but complet.
Ny made pistong and new drilld cylinder , new ex. valv. Some part is painted and some is glas blasted.Work well when i take it apart.
sell it for 22000:-SEK

Tue Jan 24 2012
parts list of motorbike Sarolea S6
required Sarolea S 6
I am looking for an owner manual showing the engine components
Milano - Italy

Sat Dec 31 2011

Saroléa 600 S6 1950
Photos Avant restauration, et Apres

Fri Dec 09 2011
grandma and grandfather
Sarolea alepio
Hello alepio, send your photo to: sarom at

Da werden sie geholfen!

Sun Oct 09 2011
please,this is a sarolea whit my grandma and grandfather,what sarolea is it? thank you

Mon Jun 20 2011 lionel.lourdin< at > motocycle sarolea 350 sale sarolea 350 militaire

I sale a sarolea motocycle 350 .. Look at the photos Année-modèle : 1960 Cylindrée : 350 cm3 Vends Sarolea 350 militaire complète (sacoches, tansad, ..) bon état de marche, prévoir carte grise collection. Réservoir traité soigneusement au Restom. 4500 € Paris

Sun Jun 19 2011
Decompression lever
Sarolea 1937 Super Sport
Want to buy

Sat Dec 04 2010
dirkvhn<at>hotmaildot com
Sarolea All modells
I am looking for more good pictures of Sarolea mopeds. I sell parts for the 49cc HMW engine.

Fri Dec 03 2010
jayne-bob69<at>hotmaildot com
sarolea veddette
99% complet wishing to find approx value

Wed Nov 24 2010
jowibmx1<at>hotmaildot com
searching for Sarolá 25 M parts
1925 Sarolea 25 M
I'm searching for my 25 M Saroléa a frame, gastank and gearbox, if someone has any information please contact me.

many regard, Jowi
Hengelo, Netherlands

Mon Sep 27 2010

sarolea touriste 350 31A
Hi! has anybody rubber parts and exhaust for a '31 Sarolea Touriste
350? All informations needed too.
Thanks to all!

Fri Sep 03 2010
info<at>motosidecardot com
Sarolea 51A4 for Sales
Sarolea 51A4 Staffete
I have one Sarolea 51A4 Staffete for sale, the bike is in perfect conditions, runs perfect, start perfect and has Spanish documents with TUV passed untill 2.015

Mon Feb 08 2010
yrek-w at
Detailed structure of engine Sarolea 24U
Sarolea 1929 24U
I search description and documentation of structure of detailed engine Sarolea 24U (500ccm) 1929
Poland, Poznań Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Wed Mar 11 2009
lodron at
Sarolea 1934-36
I am looking for a Sarolea frontwheel 1934-36 with the speedometerdrive

Thu Oct 09 2008
debvil at
sarolea belt drive v twin
saroelea not sure
i need some info on sarolea teans belt drive
v twin spares

Sat Oct 11 2008
caputo at
Sarolea 600
For sale 3000 USD, I speak english just a little, german better, my phonenumber:+36/70/379-79-73. I'm hungary.I send more images, for your e-mail addres
Hungarian, Sümeg

Sun Sep 07 2008
magimaag at
Suche Sarolea
Sarolea 350 / 600 OHV

ich würde mir gerne zu meinem 50. Geburtstag eine Sarolea schenken (kaufen).
Da ich dieses Motorrad auch viele Kilometer auf der Straße fahren möchte, kommt eigentlich nur ein Modell, das nach 1945 gebaut wurde, in Frage.
Ich würde ein OHV-Modell bevorzugen, wobei ich dieses Motorrad durchaus auch restaurieren würde.
Wer kann mir helfen ein solches Motorrad zu kaufen oder wer würde mir eins verkaufen?
Wer hat ein Handbuch oder eine Ersatzteilliste die ich als Kopie bekommen kann ? ( Typ 1947-54 / B; S6; BL; SL6; VENDETTE; GD.TOURISME)

I woud like to buy me a Sarolea motorcycle for my 50. birthday.
I woud like to drive a lot of kilometers with this cycle, so I think it must be a model build after 1945. I prefer an OHV-model and I can fix it up, if it is in a bad condition.
Who can help me, to find such a cycle or can sell me one?
Who have a manual or a list of spare parts, which I can get in copy ? ( Typ 1947-54 / B; S6; BL; SL6; VENDETTE; GD.TOURISME)

Thank you and sorry for my english, if it is not so good as it shoud be.
Nartum / Germany

Wed Feb 06 2008
silverdream at
Sarolea 34 S or S6 ?
Sarolea S4S or S6
Hallo, I just bought a fantastic bike Sarolea. I am not sure about the model, year and also by capacity of the engine. There is a No. 306154 on the frame and 34S 306154 on the gearbox. But on the engine there is S6 306154 but the numbers were re-striked. Also the size of the cylinder seems to be 600 cm. I am looking for any information or exchange of pics and experiences. Best regards Jan.

Fri Jan 11 2008
weterany at
for salle
sarolea T 6
for salle

Thu Dec 27 2007
motorkolotku-1939 at yahoodot com
sarolea T6 600cc
i want to sell my motorcycle

Sat Dec 22 2007
titan-hp at
Sarolea &#1058; 6
ukraine lviv
(remainder of email indecipherable)

Thu Nov 29 2007 at
sarolea 24u
who has a motor of an sarolea 24u for sale?

Fri Oct 05 2007
sarolea at mail.putin
Sarolea-M-6 boxer 980ccm<
Hi! Who know anything about the Sarolea boxer SV 980ccm? I have parts from this motorcycles. I need any photos, becouse in internet is nothing.I live in Russia.

Thu Oct 04 2007
json.ulf at gmaildot com
Please tell me modell and year for this Sarolea in Sweden.

Thank You

Ulf Johansson

Wed Jun 20 2007
cieluch at
Sarolea 500 from 1926-27
I'm looking for side valve cylinder or engine with OHV with 500 cc capacity. If anybody know exact model of my bike, please give me a note
Poznan, Poland

Sat Jun 16 2007
masergo59 at
Vendo moto original para restaurar.

More motorcycles from this vendor here...

Wed Mar 07 2007
motoancienne at
gear box Sarolea
I sell a gear box for the sarolea motobikes build in 1929-1932.
I think that this gear box was mounted on the 25 M type
Please contact me by mail, I will sed you pictures.

Sun Feb 04 2007
ivo.sarlingr at [bounced]
Motorcycle Saroela 1932, 600 cm3

I would like to buy the following for motorcycle Sarolea, made 1932 / 600cm3 :
- pad for gastank
- rubber for starter lever
- rubber for side step
Czech republic

Thu Oct 12 2006
bjorn.bellander at teliadot com
Website Sarolea
Sarolea Vedette 1951
I have made a website about my Sarolea. It includes pictures and text from all my trouble. In English and Swedish
Folow my link to My Cars MC
It might be interesting for your visitors.
Yours Björn Bellander

(Some years later, the site has developed further: Bjorn's Story, an overview)

Thu Jul 20 2006
ikoel-beton at yahoodot com
i have one but i'm not sure what kind sarolea. all people it come's since 1930.

Tue Dec 20 2005
hans.slieker at
In opdracht van een buitenlandse kennis op zoek naar het achterwiel van een Sarolea 600S bouwjaar 1936.
Translation: On the order of a foreign knowledge on missing to the achterwiel of a Sarolea 600S building year 1936.

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005
subject: Sarolea ASL 1949
Email: fam.zandijk at
message: A view years ago a placed a messages on your site.
Now my bike is ready, look at (404) for the compleet story (in dutch)

September 11, 2002
Hello bikers,
I am very happy I came across this website.
I am restoring a Sarolea 25P-300CC /1929, and I am looking for a silencer, an original manual, and also a (not original, but fitting) Carbid-lamp. Anyone? -- Kind regards, Ronald from the Netherlands --  sarolea25p at hotmaildot com

August 7, 2002
Hello, my name is Sebastian from de Uruguay. I have a motorcycle Sarolea 600cc and a manual , I search the history of Sarolea. My adres is: cuatromontanos at hotmaildot com

July 28, 2002
ich habe eine Sarolea, Bj 1929, Typ 25p.Ich suche für mein Motorad einen Lenkungsdämpfer in "Sternform".Dieser wurde mir kürzlich gestolen. -- Gruß Ulli -- ullisom at

July 21, 2002

Hi Sarolea bikers!
I just bought this 350 cc A37-(1937) 3 gear Sarolea in Holland and would like to share the picture with you. Its been restored and looks quite nice although the handlebars are a bit rough, already found new factory fresh ones in Belgium which will be mounted soon.

The paintjob is not original I've been told, does anyone out there have any idea of colour schemes used in 1937 ?

Would also like to find an owners manual and technical data ? ( I'm getting Beckers book; La maison Sarolea soon - which will help)

Is there a Sarolea club somewhere ? ( Holland/Belgium) I also need new Sarolea decals...any idea? Can anybody help?

Thanks and keep them riding!
Best regards from Holland
Lodewijk Grooters -- lgrooters at yahoodot com

July 15, 2002
I have a Sarolea 600cc OHV 1939 and I sell it. Could you put this announce on your site?
my email is kaila at

July 11, 2002
Ich bin eine Frau und habe schlechte Erfahrungen mit der Hilfsbereitschaft der Herren, über Technische Dinge,
meistens bekomme ich nicht einmal eine Antwort.
Meine Sarolea Vedette Baujahr 1951 hat Probleme
Bitte wer kann mir Helfen ?
Ich sollte das Ventilspiel wissen 0;3 0,4 ..........
leider finde ich in meinem Unterlagen nichts davon
Danke im Vorraus
Manuela Sporeni
Maurachgasse 3
A - 6900 Bregenz
antik52 at

Sheldon's lame translation:

Hello, I am a woman and have had bad experiences with the helpfulness of the gentlemen, over technical things, mostly I don't even get an answer. My Sarolea Vedette, year of construction 1951, has problems and I would like to know who can help me? I would like to know the valve clearance 0;3 0.4.......... unfortunately I don't find it in my documents. Thanks in the Vorraus Manuela Sporeni Maurachgasse 3 A - 6900 Bregenz Austria antik52 at

April 27, 2002
je recherche une photo et un pot d'échapement d'une Sarolea 350 année 1930 type 31a et de la documentation
joelle marchant -- pitounathalie at hotmaildot com

February 26, 2002
I wish you send me information, manual, fotos, parts and information,
abaut SAROLEA 600, year 1938.
Thanks for everything.
Llorenç Farrè -- paprinsa.llfd at
Fax : 34.973.710998.

February 19, 2002
hello all sarolea bikers I ned help to find a electrical system to my 600cc 1950 S6 allso tips abuot this bike and wiring diagrams Engin nr 361509 PLEASE HELP -- Benny -- fsexp.landala at

January 20, 2002
Hallo allemaal, ik ben op zoek naar een zuigers voor een estafette
400 cc 51 A4...
dit moet de volgende maat hebben: 75,5 mm (1e ondermaat ) of een 76 mm (2e bovenmaat)
Ook heb ik gehoord dat er zuigers van een 30 pk vw in kunnen kan
iemand dit bevestigen..?
Alvast bedankt en misschien heb je ze of weet je ze te liggen...
Groetjes Koen Kerkhoff -- firewire at

Translation: Hello all, I am on missing to a zuigers for an estafette 400 cc 51 A4.. This must the next measure have: 75.5 mm (1e ondermaat) or a 76 mm (2e bovenmaat) Also have I heard that it zuigers of a 30 pk vw in can can someone this affirm..? Meanwhile thanks and perhaps have you they or know to lie you they..

January 6, 2002
Hallo Sarolea liefhebbers en enthousiasten
Er is een zeer interessante site over Sarolea en de andere grote Belgische motormerken, het is een nederlandstalige site en er is ook een vraag en aanbod pagina voor alleen Belgische en evt ook franse motormerken, de site is te vinden onder het volgende adres Het is zer de moeite waard deze site is te bezoeken.
Sarolea groeten Martin Schutte. -- sb056675 at

July 8, 2001
I need a main manual about Sarolea 350cc. especialy electrical part. The motorcicly is from year 1952. I hope that this not cause too much problem to you. Thanks for everything. -- sebass at

March 23, 2002
Hello sebass my name is Geert and I think I can help you with your electrical part I have an copy from an manual off a Sarolea 400 estafette but I think that the electrician part is the same.If you want i will scan the electrician part for you. But it will take a will because I don't have an scanner but I'll do my very best.
sincerely -- geert -- geert.mannien at

June 21, 2001
I wish you send me information about Sarolea 600cc 1947.or 1950 or similar Manuals , photos , everything you can... for restore my motorcycle.
Please if as possible in Spanish... thank you..
Juan Calcagno
Mercedes Uruguay
jace at

June 20, 2001
I have parts of SAROLEA 600 OHV. I want to make all of it. Who can tell production numbers and body frame number and what year model my bike is.

Engine number is: 361231.

Where I can get this bikes manual. In advance thank you.
Kristofer JARUGA.
My e-mail adress: Adam.Buczynski at

June 3, 2001
I wish you send me information about Sarolea 600cc 1947.or 1950 or similar (see foto). Manuals , photos , everything you can... for restore my motorcycle. Please if as possible in Spanish... thank you..
Juan Calcagno
Mercedes Uruguay
jace at

June 9, 2001
Sorry Sheldon
I don,t know what happens
The Nº of engine is S 6 382509
when you see this photo You understand me for ask help
Sorry for me very bad English
JUAn Calcagno
jace at

May 4, 2001
Hello Saroisten,
I bought 1 year ago a Sarolea 350cc ASL from 1949, it is a motor which is from origin a military motorcycle from the Belgium army. The owner where I bought him from painted the motor in a nice black colour. At this moment a started to renovated this bike.

When you are looking for some spare parts I have a address in Belgium, this is a man who collect Saro's and publish his own spare part catalog.

jan.zandijk at

April 18, 2001
I have just bought me a Sarolea - I think at least. I believe the vintage is 29-31, and it has a Blackburne 500cc sidevalve engine. Does this model exist? --Regards -- Fredrik -- fredrik.lange at
There is an image of this bike, described as a Sarolea 36T c1930, in the galleries. Ed.

March 21, 2001
I found some technical information on Sarolea bikes I wanted to share with you, it's a French website: 404 Page Not Found

there's more, pictures and all on their home address:

well that's for what I found,

I would be glad if anyone could tell me more about '30 36T 1 of 350cc sidevalve.
I couldn't find the model in my book, but it's probably gonna be my new restoration project. See the picture and mail me if you have special interest.

Greetings, Groetjes, Hugo (NL) brein at
met vriendelijke groet, [404]

March 21th, 2001
Hello Friends,
Is there somebody who could help me with the colour references, stripes and or logo's of 400cc Sarolea? A friend of my is completely re-building sudge bike. The only thing is that the owner before him, did a very bad job, killed a lot of bolts, modified parts and of course gave it a not true colour. To help my friend it would be very fine to receive some pictures of sudge bike and when possible original colour references.
Best Regards,
Guido Zuuring
gzct92 at

January 14, 2001
Hallo my name is Aad and I have a Sarolea Estafette 51a4 in original state for sale, he is used in the Belgium army and now he is standing in the Netherlands. I ask for this Bike fl 2700 if you have any interest , please mail me.
Best Regards Aad van Eijsden -- a.eijsden at

January 14, 2001
hello I am Martin Schutte from the Netherlands and I am looking for all kinds of Sarolea motorbikes as well for all parts and manuals. -- m.schutte at

January 14, 2001
Hello Sami,
Normally the engine number is the same as the frame number, in your case the engine number is correct because there are always 6 numbers. Your Sarolea is not correct, this is often with motorbikes that come from Russia, they used parts from Russian bikes to keep an old bike in rideable condition. The fuel tank, horn mudguards and steering bars are not correct. This is what I can see on your photo.
greetings Martin Schutte -- sb056675 at

December 2, 2000
CERCO MOTORE 500 SUPER SPORT OHV PER SAROLEA DEL 1927 -- Stefano Battistelli -- ste.ri89 at

From Sheldon: My best try at translation:  I am seeking information on my 1927 Sarolea 500 Super Sport OHV. -- Stefano Battistelli -- ste.ri89 at

November 28, 2000
Hi guys,
I'm from Swiss country and I have one motor 500cc sv cast-iron cylinder and head. I think the oil pump and bear for the magneto are missing and carb's too. Ii did save it with several motosacoche parts everything is sold excepted the Sarolea engine I'm also ready to trade it with nsu tt-tts parts
e-mail: remy.lechot at
phone :0329611273 from 20h swiss time
ps :ham radio HB9DRC

November 17, 2000
I search for photo or manuals of Saroléa 500 OHV 24S (24U) - 1929. Please send me anything about this motorcycle. In advance I thing you. My e-mail address is: D.Vlcek at

November 8, 2000
The e mail address is wrong at Sarolea motorcycles ( koeken at it is (johankoeken at ) thank you with greetings.
Johan Koeken -- johankoeken at

September 18, 2000
Hello dear Saroléa boys
This is me with my favorite 25M caled "Sardel". I like to travel with her. Does anybody know if any Saroléa meeting takes place next year? -- Vojtech Svarc, Prague -- MySaro at

From Sheldon: This is one absolutely gorgeous machine and the photo is excellent. Please click on this thumbnail to see a much larger photo.

September 1, 2000
I am looking for Saroléa for sale also parts of documents. I am collector of this motorcycle -- johan -- koeken at

July 31, 2000
I have this kind of Sarolea S-5 500cc ohv
Who can tell production numbers and what year model my bike is when body frame number is 5565 and engine 305220.

Where I can get this bikes owner manual (or a copy for that)

If someone knows history of S-5/S-6 it would nice to know. This bike comes from Russia and it is now in Finland
Sami -- classic.motors at

July 25, 2000
I need to color scheme of Sarolea 24T - 1929. I have a 24S - 1929. Please write back any about it. My e-mail is tri-ctyri at Thanks

July 18, 2000
I am a humble collectioneur of Sarolea motorcycles.
My bikes:

  • - Saroléa 25 M ( 350 SV - 1928)
  • - Saroléa 24 T ( 500 SV - 1929)
  • - Saroléa S 5 ( 500 OHV - 1938)
All are restored except S5 which is in original perfect condition, and running regularly. Full history up to first owner is known for all three, and frame, engine and gearboxnummers are all matching ! -- HERMAN HAEK  -- herman.haek at

July 6, 2000
I still have my grandfathers Sarolea of 1930, it's a 500 cc beauty and my father takes it regularly out for a ride ... My e-mail address is : glamourousbabepr at hotmaildot com -- Erna Janssens

June 18, 2000
What I have is a "Sarolea". There actually was such a bike. There are many stories as to when "Charles Sarolea" started the company, some say around 1917, some even earlier. They stopped building bikes in 1957. Somewhere in Belgium. Mine is a two cylinder, had it apart several times, trying to stop the overhead valves from sucking in so much oil. I measured the cylinders stroke and it was almost exactly 600cc. (300 each). It has been in my family since 1957, when my brother first bought it from a exchange student who went to Belgium to study. As near as I've been able to find out, I must own the only one left in the world. (This year and model that is).

I did receive a e-mail from a gent in Belgium who said he lived very close to where they were made. I responded to him and asked him where it was and all he could find out about it. I haven't heard back yet.

Great talking to you, I look forward to hearing more from you. Beat regards.
Del Colvin -- goldpnr98 at

I have found a web page about Saroléa. The address is (404)

I hope that you can add it to your site.

My Saroléa is a Montana 200 cc of 1955. Iif you have any information on that type of bike you can always mail me. My address is lee.nysten at

If you want I can sent you a pic of my Saroléa.

This mail has an attach with a pic of a Saroléa of 1951 400 cc army bike.


Lee Nysten

May 25, 2000
Hi ... I wish you send me information about Sarolea 600cc 1947..or similar. Manuals , photos , everything you can... for restore my motorcycle.
please if as possible in Spanish... thank you.. -- Max from Argentina -- Maximiliano Neites -- zeeb at

May 25, 2000
Hello all,
Sorry my English is not so good, but I hope you understand me, and that what I need. I have problem to restore my oldtimer motorbike. I'm looked her in Switzerland but I'm found nothing to use. Now I hope you can help me. I need technical manuals, adjustement data, photos and similar for my bike. I'm happy when is possible for you to look for this things in your country.

I wait of your response and thanks a lot

greetings Donato

My Motorbike: Sarolea super sport (belgish made) age group:1927
18 Horsepower

My adress:Donato Dorizzi
Grabenackerstrasse 3b
8552 Felben-Wellhausen (Switzerland)
Tel:052/765 21 70
E-mail:dorizzifehr at

May 25, 1999
My son's grandmother has a Sarolea's a 600cc , she believes it is a 1948-51. We are having a difficult time finding information about it there anything you can help us with? -- William Wolff -- twolff at

If you have a query about Sarolea motorcycles please contact us