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Sarolea T6

Sarolea T6 600cc

The T6 was introduced in 1936 and reappeared after the war in 1945, remaining in production until 1950.


Engine: Single cylinder, sidevalve; bore/stroke 88mm x 97mm ; alloy cylinder head; SV ; Crankshaft runs on ball and roller bearings; Connecting rod with double roller bearings; aluminum piston.

Lubrication: double-acting oil pump; automatic lubrication of connecting rod bearings, cylinder walls and primary drive.

Gearbox: four-speed gearbox; solo: 5.18;6.16;8.65;12.3 ;Sidecar gearing: 6;7.14;10;14.2 ; Manual gearshift on the tank or footshift.

Power transmission: primary drive 1/2" x 5/16" in the oil bath chain case; Secondary drive 5/8" x 3/8" ; Shock absorber on the engine driveshaft.

Electrics: Bosch magneto or battery ignition with contact breaker; Bosch Dynamo 30/50 or 50/70w with automatic voltage regulation

Chassis: Saddle tank, 17 litre; low handlebars; steering damper; pressed metal tool boxes; luggage rack; post for pillion seat

Front fork: central spring; adjustable shock absorbers

Adjustable footrests with rubber blocks

Finish: Many parts nickel-plated or chrome-plated; Muffler, rims and fuel tank painted

Tyres: Engelbert; front 26x3.25, rear 26x3.50 or 27x4

Weight: around 144 kg.; Speed - ca. 105 km/h; Fuel consumption 4½ litres per 100km; Oil 125cc per 100 km.