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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured from 1924 to 1933 [1]

Atelier MINEUR, 93, Rue des Vignes, Liége

Paul Mineur built his motorcycles in the Leige factory from 1924 to 1928. Initially he fitted Bradshaw engines, and later used MAG, JAP and Sarolea engines of 348cc to 496cc in SV and OHV configurations. Output was rarely more than 12 to 15 units per annum.

In 1925 his machines were fitted with an oil-cooled OHV Bradshaw engine and were equipped with Bosch magneto and a three-speed Moss gearbox.

During the war Mineur continued to work, but clandestinely. He designed a 500cc OHV single-cylinder engine of 85 x 88mm b/s, and when hostilities ceased he built a single copy of this engine. [2]. Motocycle production did not resume.

1. At least one source states that production continued until 1928, but an advertisement for the company appeared stating that the marque had won a GP race on 16th April 1933 for the 500cc class with rider M. Georges Andre. An undated article captions a photograph of Rudge-engined machine as a 1933 model.
2. Two French articles mention that Mineur kept a low profile during the war. It seems safe to assume that he kept his motorcycle research quiet and was part of the silent resistance.

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2. Le livre d'or de l'Automobile et de la Motocyclette, Royal Motor Union, Liege. 1951.

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