Today in Motorcycle History

May Brothers

May Brothers of 324 Clapham Road, London produced motorcycles between 1903 and 1906.

Little information is available, but this was probably a cycle business that became involved in the powered industry by fitting an engine to a heavy-duty bicycle frame. De Dion and Fafnir engines were fitted, and it seems likely that they also used those from Minerva, MMC or Sarolea as the machines were built to order.

In 1905 they advertised Minerva-powered machines of 2 hp and 2½ hp.

Report from the 1903 Stanley Show

A motor-bicycle fitted with a 5.5 h.p. air-cooled De Dion engine will be shown at Stand No. 171 in the Arcade, Agricultural Hall. It is especially built for fore-carriage work. Bicycles built from Chater Lea fittings, and fitted with 3 h.p. Fafnir engines, will also be exhibited. These are retailed at 30 guineas by Messrs. May Brothers, of 324, Clapham Road, London, who will occupy the stand mentioned.

The Motor magazine, 18th November 1903

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor magazine.

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