Mabon and Co

Mabon were motorcycles produced in Clerkenwell Road, London from 1903 to 1908.

1903 The first machine was produced. It was a primitive fitted with their own 3¼ hp engine. They also sold the Phoenix Trimo as a forecar.

1905 They kept to their belt-driven solo.

1906 Sprung forks, magneto ignition and a free engine clutch were added.

1908 Engines were listed as their own 3½ hp single or a 6hp V-twin Sarolea. May also have used the MMC or Fafnir engines. Motorcycle production appears to have ceased that year, but components continued to be made until at least 1912.

A. Mabon.

will be exhibiting two motor cycles fitted with Mabon 3¼ h.p. motors, Bowden brakes, exhaust lift, and throttle control. The makers of the Mabon motor cycle have adopted the Phoenix Trimo for their forecarriage attachment. One of the novelties will consist of a small blower or fan for cooling air-cooled engines.

The Motor Cycle, November 1903
Stanley Show 1903


Don't order your new Motor Cycle until you have seen the 1904 "MABON," at Stand 68. Ground Floor, STANLEY SHOW. Built with Chater Lea latest fittings. Fitted with Clipper Tyres, Bowden Brakes, &c., and 3¼ h.p. " MABON " Motor (our own manufacture throughout), £35 cash
Clerkenwell Road, LONDON, E.C.

Mabon Variable Gear, 1912

The above illustration shows the latest form of Mabon variable gear, which Mr. Mabon has adapted to a 3½ h.p. Rudge. The control, as will be seen by the photograph, has been greatly simplified, and can now be fitted to many well known makes of motor cycles. The gear, as shown, is only in the rough and is a prototype of future models. It was used by Mr. Mabon in the London-Edinburgh run.

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