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Stoye Sidecars

A Brief History of the Marque

The Stoye Company was founded by Walter Store and Hans Center in 1925 in the city of Leipzig to produce motorcycle sidecars, and delivery trailers as well as special order motor cycles according to the customers own specifications.

The first side car was made of marine plywood, covered with an aluminum skin. It was fully suspended and sported a luxurious interior made wholly of leather. Stoyes hallmarks were leather interiors, considerable brightwork and state-of-the-art suspension.

Initially it was Zundapp of Nurnberg which featured Stoye sidecars almost exclusively, giving Stoye nation-wide exposure. Stoye also designed and built a variety of utility trailers for motor cycles as well as utility side cars, [as often used by] tradesmen in those days. During the 1930s they became the major supplier for Ardie, and dominated the market with their main rival Steib.

They exported large numbers of machines to the Soviet Union, its satellites and to the Balkan countries.

During WWII they built sidecars for the military.

Postwar, it appears they fell under Soviet control, with their products being used on EMW machines among others. From 1972 it is reported that they produced sidecars exclusively for MZ, and later the name was changed to Superelastik.

Much of the information above is from the controversial JF archive and requires verification.

Sources: JF Archive, et al.

sdfcxzp at
Stoye sidecar
I am looking for someone making these, or better still for plans as I live in South Africa.
Paul Whitehead
Western Cape South Africs
angelo at
new stoye
hi i search a replica of a stoye sidecar, you know who can i buy that?
angelo lanciano
milano it

Sat May 06 2017
1969donrose at
harley davidson heritage springer
looking for a stoye half sport body sidecar

Steve Simpson <stevencsimpson at>
Stoye Sidecar
Can you tell me about this Stoye sidecar? I am concerned that it may be too big for my BMW R50S! Can your give me the model, size and specifications! Had difficulty uploading this picture to your site.



Tue Feb 04 2014 merchuk at yandex.putin

Stoye Stoye TM Hi! Help identify the year of the trailer side. Body TM, frame number W7955

Fri Jul 05 2013
Stoye Sidecars
Stoye Canoe Nose sidecar
Do you know if anyone has made drawing with the dimensional data required to build a copy of the Stoye sidecar? I'm interested in both the frame construction and the tub.

Kind regards,

Wayne Stambaugh
Montgomery, AL

Sun May 20 2012
sameskie<at>aoldot com
What I unrestored sidecar
Stoye Unknown
my husband recently acquired this sidecar..was asked to THROW IT AWAY.. we are trying to determine the model and year, can you help us? If anyone is interested.. it is for sale.
New Jersey USA

Wed Aug 20 2008
emnjonh at
Stoye Manufacturer's Plate
Stoye sidecars Stoye 1
The Stoye manufacturers plate which has the number "1" enclosed in a triangle, as shown, was used on the postwar model referred to as the "Stoye l" TM and SM.
The Stoye l had a sharp nose sometimes referred to as a "canoe nose." The "Stoye 2" which appeared later had an approximately 6" wide corrugated alloy strip separating the two sides of the sidecar nose and front deck. The SM and TM designations referred to Sport Model with a sloping rear end and Touring Model with an opening trunk. The early postwar Stoye 1 had a different wheel and body suspension and a slightly wider body than the later Stoye 1. The "38" in the caption under the photo, if it is intended to refer to the year, would not be correct.
Jonathan Hayt
Tucson, AZ

Thu Aug 07 2008
emnjonhat at
First USA owner and restorer
Stoye SS (Sport Seitenwagen)
I was the original owner of the Stoye boat tail sidecar shown on your web site. The sidecar was found in a basement in East Berlin and was in pretty poor shape. I had the paint and body work done by Tim Stafford in San Diego and attached it to the BMW R51/3 which I had purchased in approx. 1970. The year of the sidecar is not necesarily 1937 because the chassis was used on this model from approx. 1935 to shortly before WW 2. I sold it to a gentleman in Florida in approx. 1999 and it changed hands several times since then. I found another similarly bodied Stoye a few years after this one was sold, restored it and it ended up in Washington State. It was mounted on a BMW R75/5. Hope this info will interest you.
Jonathan Hayt 406 837 2630
Bigfork, MT.USa

Wed Mar 21 2007
apollodreizehn at aol dot com
stoye sidecar
have link for you [404]
all parts and servie 1925-89 and complete sidecars

Tue Oct 18 2005
david-7301 at hotmail dot com
Stoye catalog
I have a Stoye sidecar type T.M.L. #E801. 1961, I believe I'm missing hardware and brackets to mount the body onto the frame. Do you have a suggestion where I can find a parts catalog to help me identify which pieces are missing? and a resource for these parts? thanks, Dave.

Sun Oct 09 2005
chroc24 at
Je vends un side stoye, pourriez vous me dire de quelle année il est?

Translation: Do you sell a Stoye sidecar, could you tell me which year it is?

Wed Aug 03 2005
witten at
Boat Tail Stoye
This looks to be a 37 or 38 model. On the frame is the number 4690, we think, but it's hard to make out the first #. Do you happen to have any input on this and do you know if there is a windscreen available for it?
Thanks Bill Wittenbrink

February 7th 2005
Stoye sidecar on Ebay Germany

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